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Black Orchid Brooch - virtual item


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Gender: Female

Birthday: 01/23

Who am I, you ask?

I am...
~Pessimistic with a facade of optimism
~A dreamer
~An artist
~A singer

I have...
~A tablet! (HUZZAH-!)
~Rabbits (Viola and Miles)
~A dog (Her name's Jackie)

I like...
~Screaming "OBJECTION!"

I hate...
~Arrogant people

I'm afraid of...
~Everyone, damn it


"We had so many plans for the future.
Do you remember, Hershel?

I’ll miss you…and our unwound future."

-Claire Foley

This line never fails to make my heart hurt.


Yo! I'm dramyc!

This is my favorite character in anime. (*cough*Husband*cough*)

And this is my favorite
character in gaming.