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About Me o3o

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Hi, I'm Radon
But you can call me Rad emotion_smilies/icon_dealwithit.gif
I'm 18 but my granny Valky said I have the mentality of a 7 year old kid e u e
I like singing and sketching stuff when I feel like it
I like watching anime too but I only finished a few
I like reading books but I'm not that productive when it comes to digital ones
I also like playing Final Fantasy games

I love eating, sleeping, and listening to music
I mostly listen to Maroon 5, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy
I listen to old songs too because sometimes they make
more sense than the new songs we hear today

I love dinosaurs and pandas
I love babies too because they're cute and adorable * u *
But the one I love the most is my wifu Mintette
She's my sweetest, cutest and most adorable baby
Sometimes she's a butt but I love her more than anything else

So yeah, thanks for reading this stuff and have a nice day today
If you're reading this by nighttime, then have a good night
If you're reading this at like 3 am, go to sleep @ o @
And yeah, I won't get on much anymore so if you wanna talk, leave a message
and I'll probably reply months after lol
Or kik me, same username there o3o

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