Hey, im Brittney, or Raven, or better yet, St. Jimmy c:
i am a Green Day fan, i love horror movies, and manga.
my little sister Brianna (Bubby) Loves horror movies too, and shes only 4 cx
ive been to 12 concerts in my life, and ive seen American idiot on Broadway once c: (IT NEEDS TO COME TO CALIFORNIA MORE! cx)

im 16, and i have a boyfriend <3 i love music, im trying to learn how to play guitar cx i have a dog named Spunk Random c:
i have different music tastes. i like MCR, Rammstein, BFMV, Marilyn Manson, FOB and Avenged Sevenfold, 30STM, Slipknot, and VOCALOID! <3

My favourite colours are Green and Red, and my favourite movies are Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, Silent Hill, Ju-On, Audition, The Ring, Repo! the Genetic Opera, and Rocky Horror Picture Show c:

Mai name is Megan, and I am Brittney's AMAZING COUSIN!!!! I've known her my whole lifee, and we've grown up together. She's the closest thing I have to a sister, and I love her very much. :3
She and I are obsessed with Green Day. We're even both going to the Green Day concert! She and I will start a band one day. Yes. Yes we will. Named Toxic Rainbow. Because we're just cool like that.
Oh Brit! Remember when we were at Grandma's and we went to the zoo, and we both got stuffed pandas?! And then we would play with them and My Little Ponies and make them kill and attack each other?! Then we slept in the living room and the cat kept licking us every hour on the face. . .Silly Putt-Putt. xD
We are BEST FRIENDS!!! Break her heart and I'll break your face! And your mom's face! And your sister's mom's dad's aunt's grandma's dog's face!! D:<
Lol anyways, I love you Brit!! <3

Peace, Love, and Green Day ;; Megan.
- love a d d ii c t