My Market

Welcome! Read Please!!!
PM if I am online I will give a 3% discount prices at or under 500mil, 5% off if price is over 500mil if you buy through trade.
Aso I do Item Trades, Currently if seeking something I want now it will be listed at the bottom of my writing

Do Not PM If I Can Not Reply, such messages will be deleted

Will Make Purchase(s) of ITEMS FROM LOYALS BAZAAR if you are not online enough to open it, tips loved, PM me if you seek something from there but cant pay the market prices, must be able to pay store price, message for details.

Items I will take in trade more easily are here or my wishlist, if you have something on this list I do have things not listed I am willing to trade

nyaneko cheer (interested in more then one)
Monochrome Heart (will trade very well for this item)
Kaedes Hope (interested in getting more then just one of this)
Rave Mcfly
A New Year
A New Era
A New Lustrum
A New Term
Witch Double
Witch Bubble
With Trouble
Contents of the Neko Nook Chance item (that I do not own)
Contents of Selenic Eclipse+ bundles (only contents I do not have)

I will take any combination of things I want or items I agree to trade for in PM equal to market/agreed trade values
Above Items I really want, PM me if interested in trading or selling them heart


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