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Stood at the edge of the valley
Looked at the ground below
Oh, I was surrounded
There's no where left to go
I heard the wind chime beneath my feet
I felt the earth shake inside me
I run forever but I won't get far
Cause if I don't have you I will starve.

This clockwork heart, that's forged from steel.
Though it may move, must never feel.
In Love nor Hate, you can not trust.
Both tears of joy, and sadness rust.

It went the way it had to. The way it was always going to.

And when my heartstrings come undone
I will wait for you, I will pray for you
Before I make my final run
I will stay with you, decay with you.

We are the Walking Dead.

The temples are now burning,
our faith caught up in flames.
I need a new direction,
cause I have lost my way.


Go then, there are other worlds than these.



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I told myself I wasn't going to turn this into a Nathalie thing, and I even made a different avi, but then.. I don't know, but as you can see, here we are. I blame you for this kinda crap.

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Jfc, woman! As soon as I saw I had a ton of gifts I was like "GEE, I WONDER WHO COULD HAVE SENT THESE".
Thank you so much~. You really don't have to do that tho, you silly thing!
Also, I think gmail thought my reply was awful because it kept crashing the whole time I was writing it and it NEVER does that.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, Google!

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Always very up to date, but you stay away from there you crazy, gifting b*****d!
Lady Ennis

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Lady Ennis

Haha I don't know XD
I've never tried it...but I suppose an over beating might get your weapon taken

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I may be cute but you're beautiful.

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The Governor of Woodbury

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The Governor of Woodbury

Rick's group is gonna get what they deserve, that's what! 'bout time too!

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So two things.

1.) Your new AVI is ADORABLE

2.) I miss you.

3.) I lied about there being two. I seriously hope everything is okay. If you need to talk you know how to reach me! -HUG-

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D'awww. That's so cute it's embarrassing.

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Ehehehehe. Well, I'm glad you're excited.
I'm going to make some more items too. Hopefully before too long.
I feel kinda silly tho because I'm already not wearing it, lol.
I mean, I'm sure I will again soon, but right now I'm a dragon.
Er... I'm not sure that's right... Nah, it's fine.

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So I started using the 'Grammarly' attachment in chrome and my grammar is not gooder and it makes me feel dumb.

******** you Grammarly, gooder is a word.


Rick Grimes 2016. Because this isn't a democracy anymore.

Things don't get better because you want them to.

Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.
Always up for a Walking Dead RP. PM me for my plots or toss me yours.
Walkers and crossbows and angel wings...these are a few of my favorite stuff and thangs.