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Furry Garb'

Raclaw's avatar

Last Login: 09/02/2015 11:42 am

Occupation: /"Fiance"/

(I was ZIGOTA)

I am normally on FFXIV(Final Fantasy)

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~Basic information~
Sexuality: ;D
PS4: Ask
Skype: Greeadous
Steam: Ask
SL: Ask

About me

Well I normally come on here to chat around or mess about in Towns, I am normally with friends passing the time on here or I am on FFXIV.. if not with my /fiance/, I do like to flirt lots with almost anyone I meet, so please if that bothers you, you should let me know, otherwise, I just might keep going, it depends, of course ~ now I will put down some other information you, the reader just might want to know.
I have been on Gaia for a couple of years, I do try to be as active as I can be, I normally never get any messages on here, normally someone would add me on skype and chat there, it's easier, more convenient and less clicking. but feel free to drp a message. I am ALWAYS in towns when I am online, so if you would like to lurk around till you bump into me, I encourage it.
My Avatars are normally dark based if not overly colorful, my Avatars do not exactly define me emotions or personality, I normally do have a animal avatar, in other words a /furry/, I am rarely ever a full on human, so please don't let my avatar /scare/ you away from trying to engage in conversation.
Roleplaying! I am big on it and enjoy it very much, I am usually roleplaying about, I would enjoy it if I were to have more invites or chats to engage in such, I currently do not belong to any specific story line nor am I strict on such, roleplay is for fun, that's purely the reason for it, so please take a look at my roleplay information if not you could ask for answers to your questions. it woul make things much, much smoother. so go ahead.

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[RPi] Raclaw Barskih

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:Roleplay Information:
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Hell Hound
Raclaw can change his form to help him get through his job with ease, some times he will take the form of his former future self if not another form to try and lour in escape or lost souls.
Age: ?? (Died at 21)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 2--
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Depends
Status: Not owned
Subtle, Assertive, Playful, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Flirt, Talkative, Stubborn, Endearing, Sneak, (To some extreme) Masochist/Sadist, Submissive to certain others.
(Personality will swing to the situation happening)

-Before becoming a Hell Hound-
Raclaw Barskih was an elite hunter when he did walk on soil, he lived out in a Cabin with a couple of others who Hunted along side him, being from out in the woods for most of his life made his instinct to kill and senses be trained to the max that one could be trained to, he was some what primitive but did not lack mannerism, he was Devoured by a beast of an unknown status which lead to his demise. He is one of the few Hell Hounds who is still in possession of their souls, rather than being a mindless Hell dog, he was allowed to keep his soul if he could manage to join a higher tanking in a certain time limit, being able to due to his Hunting skills when alive it was more of a hobby to him than a job. Therefor Raclaw is not mindless and has a soul.

Raclaw Barskih has been alive for many years after his Demise, only becoming much and much better at what he does, he drags the souls of any escaped or hidden souls to where they should be, He had mastered disguises and tracking throughout the time he's resided in hell, often he does have time to him self if his job is complete, He does not attack the living because it is not his job to do so, if he is to be attacked he will have every right.
Raclaw is a outstanding Hunter and at times by commission, he will hunt if it pays off. he does take on different forms in public just to not cause any stir ups with the mortals or cause too much attention to the demons that may be roaming around, he can sniff out, see or hear the Supernatural, due to his high senses, he often takes the form of his former self if not another type of natural form, normally this would be used for his job to obtain stubborn souls who just won't be caught, he lours them in. He doesn't mind other Demons or kins, he couldn't care less about the deals of others.
Raclaw has no restrictions to what he is able to do, he does not use any combat weapons that are physical, he relies on his own strengths to get him through, being a hell hound his skin and every other part of his body is much stronger than one of a normal mortal, being fire resistant, weak to thunder, Raclaw can be tamed by Mortal or demon if a Steel collar were to be placed on him, he would not be able to take it off and would by the law of his kin, obey every order given to him by his Master/owner.



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