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Hello World

So much time has passed, so many things have changed.smilies/icon_surprised.gif

My name is Rachel and it has been quite a while since I've done anything with this. I think I might turn this profile page into a testing ground to post some of my digital art (I'm very new to it so bear with me). I'm going to be working on some short stories for a comic of mine so I may post bits and pieces of that. What is that comic about? If you have ever known me you probably already know the answer.
(It's aliens)
Keep in mind, my art skills are not all that great. I hope for this whole thing to be a learning process for me and I hope it will push me to keep up with drawing and help me improve. If you are an artist and have any tips, feel free to message me. I'm open to constructive criticism, with emphasis on the "constructive", please. What I mean by that is just don't be mean, we are all of different skill levels and we each learn at our own pace.

(9/22/14) Enough about that. What have I been up to? School.
It's ok.
I might condense my older art posts into a journal soon to make room. Also I am thinking of shelving the comic I was working on for a while to do some other things. I wasn't really getting anywhere with the story and my characters were starting to feel a little stale.

Recent Drawings

Happy almost halloween! Have yet another drawing of my character, Chloe (I can't stop drawing her and I need help). Also have windex robot. He'll windex your face and clean your wood floors all in one.

good golly gosh I'm terrible at keeping up with this. School has been rough to me this semester. Here is something I did a couple days ago, it's not quite finished. The two yet-to-be-named characters are a part of a story I am working on with a friend. The character on the right is his. They are brother and sister. I'm worried their embrace looks a little too intimate, if it looks like they are about to kiss that was not my intention D: I'm not sure if I should leave it or fix it at this point. blah.

Woops! Haven't posted anything new in a while. That doesn't mean I haven't stopped drawing. I have been on a lot of trips and school just started up so I have not had time for gaia. Here, have a very rough sketch of GLaDOS I did on an app on my phone while I was on a trip. My fingers are too big for this.

Also some sort of spoopy thing I did with charcoal! I don't effin know what it is. Kinda looks like Zoidberg. (don't use charcoal on your beds kids, I certainly didn't do anything stupid like that)

one more! Say hello to I'm Tired. That's his name, I'm Tired. I drew this after a night without sleep...

I've been working on figure drawing practice for the past couple of days. Here's a pencil drawing I did for an hour. I started out just drawing a figure like I normally would, then I made her a robot because I've been going through a robot obsession and I can't help myself. I been getting my figure references from here http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/

I finished something smilies/icon_surprised.gif
Well this is a rather goofy drawing of my main protagonist. I'm just now realizing that her clothes look very tron-like and her banjo looks like its for guitar hero... oh well, I might fix it later.

Some digital updates : )
I'm still not finished with that first one, what is wrong with me? Also what is with that background? That is unacceptable, I may not be finished with the lighting but I feel like I'm going to have to redo it. Well, there you have one of my three main protags in the first one. Her name is Chloe; she is a robot who likes cute clothes and girls (sorry Pikliz). I still haven't added the speech bubbles so use your imagination. Also, I know nothing about arranging comic panels so don't hate me .-. The border and the last two panels won't have that background showing through in the end though so don't worry about that.
The second picture is something I started today. You get to enjoy the back of my final main protagonist. Just look at those two, those lesbians. Nah, they're totally friends... or are they?

More sketches, this time of a couple of protagonists for my comic instead of just random junk. The top image is a bust of Maria Waters, the kind-natured counselor of Femur Rock High School. The bottom is actually the main heroine of my story. I was trying to experiment with some sort of space suit design, but I'm not really feeling how it's looking so far so I may change it. Actually, I might do that and add more to the whole scene so I can finish it digitally. Speaking of digital, I have been a lazy bum and haven't been working on anything on my computer (shame on me!) I need to get back to that soon before I never want to touch that other thing I was working on.

this chicken-scratch stuff is so sloppy but it feels so liberating

recent sketchy-doos from my sketchbook. robots are tons of fun to just doodle.

did a little painty thing of my telescope sitting in my room. It makes me want to draw the whole view I have of my room from my bed.

A sloppy doodle thing I did just now

This is taking longer than I had hoped (curse you, various youtube letsplayers!!!)
I don't have anything else that I've drawn lately to show for so here's another update.
I also do not know how to duplicate things in FireAlpaca properly so there is some funny stuff going on there with the background which I will fix.

Gosh I need to be more consistent with these drawings if I want to get anywhere. Here's a preview of a comic page thing I'm doing. Our robot friend "Pikliz" has made an appearance again, this time with a sleek-looking girl robot? Pikliz must be the luckiest bot on this dusty old asteroid.
(also I know it's kinda stupid that I took a picture from my phone instead of a screen shot but shut up that's why)

This came a little late for a couple of reasons. One reason was my friend was on break from school so I hung out with him most of the time. The other was I had actually been working on a different drawing, but I screwed up and didn't save properly and now I have to do it over again. I did this to take a break from that nonsense.
For now this robot and his little lizard friend are minor side characters, but I may incorporate them in an arch of one of my main characters. This robot was once a pickle jar-sealer for an Ozeron pickle factory. The factory was shut down long ago and this poor little guy was scrapped and dumped on a scrap asteroid to be reprocessed. He managed to take shelter and avoid being turned into a toaster or something. His only friends are some lizards and several jars of left over pickles.

Woo! Looks much better. Maybe in a few months I'll edit again and improve it further. For now I should probably work on something else...

Errr I guess this isn't bad. First thing I've drawn digitally. I used FireAlpaca (man I wish I had Manga Studio for those lines) I've yet to learn the ropes of any digital drawing program so I'm kinda floundering in the water for now. I actually may go back and edit this image further; I am not satisfied. :0
Anyway this is a bust of one of my characters for a comic I hope to someday make. Alls you need to know is this character is androgynous and will go by both he/she pronouns.

Cosplay Corner

For reference: me without any makeup or cosplay on
(I always look high in photos)

I'm almost there! The cape still needs to be sewn properly and I still haven't fitted the horns to the wig, but other than that I think my cosplay is ready to go. I am cosplaying as Eridan Ampora from Homestuck.

Look at this ******** nerd.

This is a bit late but here it is all done! This picture was taken shortly before I went to Anime Expo in the beginning of July. I may wear this cosplay again for a few more cons, but I'm going to start working on Pedri from Ava's Demon next.

Webcomics I'm Reading

- Homestuck

- Paradox Space (Homestuck shorts)

-Ava's Demon

- Paranatural

- Monsterkind

- Trying Human (sexual content warning)

- The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (sexual content warning)

- Beyond the Canopy

- Infinity Roads