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Thornkitty Report | 05/09/2017 8:12 am
I've heard around about Rosario + Vampire, but I haven't heard of Alice in the Country of Hearts before.

The movie seems like something I would get into, so I'll go watch it after my exam. emotion_c8
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/06/2017 11:48 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
I downloaded it on the my tablet for ten dollars. So, I do not know how to get it on my personal laptop.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/06/2017 10:54 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
True, but I am fine with just KOTOR 1. As far Luke is concerned, he is alright but everyone has put too much importance on him. So, I would rather think about him.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/06/2017 10:45 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
I want to play the second game but that will only happen if they transition to an IOS game.
Thornkitty Report | 05/06/2017 10:38 pm
Inuyasha? Yeahh, I remember that airing on Toonami too back then. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Oh! Hmmmm, also Bobobo, Prince of Tennis, Zatch Bell--- Hmm.... and I think Sailor Moon did too...?
.... Oh! Hamtaro! (Wait... Hmmm, or was Hamtaro aired in a morning slot?... Ahhh, I can't quite remember)

Aha, I remember I introduced Inuyasha to a friend of mine, and she got so obsessed with the show. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Then I introduced Ranma 1/2 to her and she got obsessed with that too. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
-What a flashback memory- aha
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/06/2017 10:29 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
- amnesia -
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/06/2017 10:22 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
That is why I like Jolee, Mission and Zaalbar during that part of the game. While my characters are female, I have to admit it was unfair even from my point of view as a woman. If you play as a woman, Carth eventually gets over the fact you did train the monster who would go on to attack his Telos, along with others, but you have remember he did say he would kill your character with his own blaster. Don't get me wrong. Still, I cannot say I approve of Bastila knowing you were Revan all along yet she travels with you to get information.

That is how trust issues begin from a rational point of view! I researched Retrograde anemia before for another character based off the anime, 'Blood Plus.' The symptoms include confusion and false memories that can be brought on by many things such traumatic events and brain injuries. In one of the cut scenes we see Revan knocked unconscious during such an event, so it is clear where that could have happened. While saving your character was merciful, it was also a form of torture depending on how a person uses that situation. However, that does not excuse Carth's behavior towards someone recovering that part of their life.

He is still one of my favorite characters but he went overboard while it is understandable.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/06/2017 9:37 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
I am fan the Jedi like other fans, but I think both them and the Sith tend to be too biased. One group focuses on manipulation of their own and others' emotions; the other eventually loses their true roots by isolating themselves. If there is a 'crybaby' in the Star Wars franchise, it would Kylo Ren just for reasons we have yet to see explained. Vader has an valid reasons to be depressed seeing he was brainwashed by the Emperor just before his children were born while having to hide the fact he was in love with Padme; Ren had it all, which makes it all the more avoidable.

In 'Knights of the Old Republic,' one of the few things that irks me is having the Jedi Council lie to the main character (a.k.a the player) while they still have anemisa. What would you have done if someone was telling you how this 'Revan' was terrible only to find out you were the very person they were talking about? Accept the Jedi Code? Accept they were trying to 'protect' by making you think you were a new Padawan all along? Return to the Dark Side's influence?

I just cut my losses and chose an grey point of view. Keep in mind the main character was just as brainwashed as a result of a near death experience, which they used to their advantage. Even if there were other 'choices' for their survival, there are moral choices when it comes to messing with someone's mind. Seeing most of characters are female, you imagine which option I chose when Bastila starts trying to 'explain' why before Carth literally starts demoralizing her in front of their crew.
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/06/2017 9:03 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
I have at least two boxes of tea in stock. xd
Hidden Blood Blossom Report | 05/05/2017 4:32 pm
Hidden Blood Blossom
I should be fine. 3nodding My internal clock is off balance, so I am a natural night owl with an slight caffeine addiction! xd



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