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MLady-Keaton Report | 10/23/2007 1:37 pm
;_; That was probably the most awesome life story I've ever read.

It touched me, really.

And I agree with what you said on the bottom part.

L337 Speak is horrible...

But I was just wondering...

Wondering if maybe you could tell me some stuff about Gaia. I mean, you may not be on much, or so it seems from the many messages you have here...but...

I dunno. I could really use the help. I'm on the way to recovery after someone hacked my account a few months ago. I was still a pretty young one back I still don't really get much of whats going on here in Gaia. ^^;

I'm not really sure what I can do for you, but I suppose I can try something. *Smiles*
Whispered Screams Report | 06/24/2007 7:47 pm

You're that boy that comes around every once in a while.

So um...

Hi. :3
lisiebisie Report | 06/21/2007 11:01 am

im online for once. hahahahahaha
IrishFlower Report | 06/01/2007 8:43 pm
Hey I just wanted to let you know I stubbled by your profile and I really like it. Good work maybe we can chat sometime.
Embeded_Devil Report | 05/02/2007 5:32 pm
so i hear your going to PROM with Elise.. nice dude..

have fun!

Embeded_Devil Report | 05/01/2007 10:41 am
dude.. i can't do antyhing this weekend... just so you know.>_>
Embeded_Devil Report | 04/29/2007 8:31 pm
i'm so bored...

cicipie Report | 04/29/2007 4:24 pm
thank you for buyin from my store
[Gred and Forge] Report | 04/29/2007 4:06 pm
Oh snapp!
It's Ryan.

<333333333333333333 x infinityinfinity.
D a n i e l l e ` Report | 04/29/2007 10:51 am
thank you for buying from my store~

our names are similar ^___^

My Dreams

Why I deserve my dreams. [[part 1]]

.S.T.O.R.Y. .O.F. .M.Y. .L.I.F.E. --
Hello. My name is R y a n `. But in the informal situation you may call me Ryan. If you haven‚??t guessed already my real name is Ryan and I hope that doesn‚??t surprise you because if it did then all I have to say is wow.

Anyway, I wanted to dedicate this portion of my profile to explain why I think I should be worthy to receive my dreams‚?¶ and please don‚??t feel like I‚??m begging or being emo over pixels because I am far from it. In all actuality I‚??m quite satisfied with the amount of pixels that litter and collect dust in my inventory.

I was introduced to gaia in the year of 2oo3 by my friend in middle school. I wasn‚??t really an anime fan and I assure you that I was far from it. Back then I was a nerdy kid who loved to burry his nose in reference books, absorbing fact after fact till I became a human textbook. Of course, since I‚??m asian, I HAD to fit the stereotypes back then as I was smart, nerdy, and loved Yu-gi-oh. I think that‚??s how you spell it. I was also an advent Magic the Gathering card player as well. I must admit that I was top quality till someone stole my deck and sold all the cards which infuriated me to the point where I never again would play. So far so good. But getting back to the introduction‚?¶ I wasn‚??t too fond of it and I created a profile and never went back to it.

Then another friend introduced me to gaia near the end of 2oo4 and I thought it was pretty cool but couldn‚??t keep it up as I was still a nerd at the beginning of high school and was more preoccupied with getting and maintaining good grades. So I did little posting and questing. But when I got back into gaia come the end of second trimester I hit it with such force you wouldn‚??t believe it.

I created my first memorable account in the early years of March 2oo5. I decided to aim for an angelic look since that what I aspired to be and I wish I was one in real life. Hey! Don‚??t laugh at me. A boy can dream. So I quested white clothing, a staff of the angels, a solar cloak, and a kiki kitty whose name was Serenity. I was so happy when my first donator came along and donated my entire quest to me after about a week of questing. I am truly sorry that that particular gaians name, you know who you are, is lost in my eternal thanks.

With my questing done I decided to open up my own charity thread to give back because giving seems to be in my nature and why would I want to waste such a valuable trait. So I gave and gave and was content with myself. Though, the Angelic Minis and Demon Horns remained too far away for me to get with all the time restraints. There was school, but by this time it was early summer and I had no life and hardly any friends. This was between my freshman and sophomore years in high school.

Life on gaia and real life coincided quite nicely. I didn‚??t care. Nobody cared. It was summer and it would last forever‚?¶ or so the mindset was. In sets late August and before I knew it I found myself away from the screen and out playing soccer, trying out for the Varsity soccer team, which I made by the way. My parents seemed to start caring and all they demanded was grades and focus. Well I could pull down the grades part with relatively mindless ease but the focus wasn‚??t there. I tried to keep up with gaia but it got too much so I thought I‚??d quit.

I didn‚??t think I could do it anymore. Too much school. Too much parental attention that was unwanted. I couldn‚??t hide gaia from my parents so I thought it‚??d be safer to leave so I did.

I gave all my items that I had cherished away, including my Horns, Pengies, MP3, S Gaia Tshirt, and a bunch of gold. It‚??s been a while and I no longer use my main account. I am using a newer account, created by my friend Alex, and given to me with most of his stuff. I already thank him enough but I have to start over at rock bottom. But my dreams are still there. I still wish for MINIS and HORNS

That is the story, short or long but a story nonetheless, of my gaian life. Now onto the reasons why I think I should have my dreams fulfilled.

Why I deserve my dreams. [[part 2]]

.R.E.A.S.O.N. &#8211;
I have been told by many people I am a good gaian. I have a streak of generosity that not many people have the chance to experience so I try my best to share it with many. I haven&#8217;t kept track of how much I&#8217;ve given but I know it&#8217;s quite a lot&#8230; the only thing I do know is that I feel so good about giving. The only downside to that is that giving prohibits me from questing seriously. Okay it may sound like sucking up at the moment but I assure you that I try not to be selfish.

I believe in the phrase PAY-IT-FORWARD. Basically it means sharing the giving spirit. I love Christmas because people generally experience it more for some odd reason xDD. But in general it should be experienced by as many gaians as humanly possible. That&#8217;s how strongly I believe in the spirit of sharing. Sure you have the beggars here and there but instead of flaming them I give them tips on how to create a quest thread, not to beg, and to use proper English and not this L33T stuff&#8230; which by the way I cannot tolerate. Even though gaia is an internet site, people should at least be literate.

I get and give. I have started another new charity in hopes of inspiring the giving spirit among my fellow gaians who I talk with almost on a daily basis. I hope they learn that life is more than just a silly internet site with shiny pixels, though it&#8217;s nice, it&#8217;s more about creating bonds between people because of who they are, who you know them as, and not how they look. That is unless you know the person in real life then whatever. xD

Now that I&#8217;ve finished my ramblings let me conclude this with a summary. I love giving and I wish someone would help me with my dream while I help make real other peoples dreams.

[[Why do you think I deserve Angelic Minis and Horns of the Demon?]]
I asked people what they thought about me getting my dreams and this is what they said:

People who believe in me

Ryan is a most generous Gaian that, though i haven't known him long, opened his arms to me and welcomed me into his charity. I was able to feel like i belonged there. He started conversation with me, which most people dont even bother to do. He is a great person and makes you laugh, and has super-spiffeh avatars! xD He also makes a smexeh model for avi art <33 xD If anyone deserves their quest item, its him. He has done nothing but give and give and give, and now its his turn to recieve.

~<3 Misery


Alrighty here goes::

I have been on gaia for many years (not just this account) and never have a found a person as generous and kind as Ry-Ry. He is a very giving person and if you visit his charity he will make sure to talk to you (if he's on when you are). Ry-Ry has donated to me on numerous occasions and I find him to be a very kind person. Ry-Ry deserves to have his quest finished because even though he is questing, he still donates to "the little people". He is an all about great guy and good with advice too! I hope he gets his quest! He deserves it 1000x more than I deserve my quest!

<3 Himo-chan

I hope that is good enough for you! ^^
`The Musical Phoenix`
R y a n `

Please read -- Thanks