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Hiya!! (=^.^=)
AshaDash is here!!!!!!!! Lyke WOAAAAAAH!
Hmmm. letsie see. This is about me.
So I am going to fill you lovely people
in about mwah!
I go by the names of Chii, Chiita, Chai Tea, AshaDash,
Aley, Rainbow Girl, or Rainbow.
My legal name is Ashley, but Ashley isn't my first choice to be called by, even though its my actual name.
I'm 24 years young, full time worker, and I have a pretty boring
life. I like just about anything bright and vivid and
I'm a new vegetarian. smilies/icon_smile.gif

Respect is important to me, so please show it.

~Wishie List~
1. Golden Laurels
2. Prism Butterfly Mantiella
3. Dark Halo
4. Lunar Cloak

5. Penguin Slippers
6. Pandy Pack
7. Striped Stockings
8. Nightmare Items

9. Angelic Items
10. Demonic items
11. Winged Anklets