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Received art

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Art by Ryo Kazuka

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.

"If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. That is the assumption under which I have always fought. What is this “heart” ? If I tear open that chest of yours, will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there ?"

-- Rarely online , sometimes , only come once in a while because of crappy events + pain in the a** rules by my extremely .... Harsh / hard parents that won't allowed me to or you can say I've forbiddenly from using any of medium that could have contained Desktop itself that bring entertainment and etc . Most of the time I only online through phone. I don't have time to waste yet I have so much things to do than 24 / 7 online . So I guess I'll have to introduce a bit of bios of myself , yes ?

- Prefers as Alex
- Old as a young adult
- Working as Admin for co.
- Half Japanese , Chinese + fews Asian blood (* Mixed )
- Asian
- Rebellious
- Psychopathic
- Enjoys being kind and mean at the same time
- Can speak more than 4 language (* Asian language)
- Lives somewhere in Asia Pacific
- Cuss a lot when people gave me reasons to
- None a bit of a black person or talk like a ******** niggr or a hinduism people or anything related to dark skins or have curly or what ever related to the those goddamn colored people (* to idiots)
- Father isn't dead (* " ")
- Paradoxical person
- Bitter
- Only allowed people who I loved and cared about into my soft side
- Feminist
- Atheist
- Psychological
- Scorpio
- Hates lying or liar
- Genderfluid (* prones manly)
- Loves wearing boys clothes
- Aromantic
- Has anger issues
- Blunt
- Abusive and violent mannered
- Hates dumb humans
- Preferable wearing gothique, hoodie , dark colors clothes
-Sketches either using Charcoal or ink dipped pens or calligraphy brushes or plain mechanical pencil
- Antisocial
- Trust Issues
- Came from strict and violent family background
- Lives in the hell hole
- Prefers dark sides
- Single , not looking , don't want any dull relationship between humans at all
- Video games
- Hates girl's wear
- Loves Black Coffee
- Pain
- Paleness
- Tortured method
- Jrock , Jpop , Metal Core and more genres that suits with my emotions
-Thoughts a lot on the dark sides and depressing side
- Loves isolates
- Depression , Anxiety , Panic Attack , Insanity , Mental Illness , Anorexic
- Hates being called beautiful , cute , adorable and etc for I hated them as much as I hate people
- Smoker
- Still loves someone's who has died a few years ago
- Flinched a lot because of Anxiety and didn't like being touched by anyone unless you want me to twist your wrist
- Loves going to places that has memories either good or bad
- Addicted to self harms and destructions
- Depressive methodolgy
- Hates taking pictures or see myself in the mirror for I see myself as a monster and incredibly hideous (* Sometimes and only give it out to whom I trusted to or closed to)
- Loves wearing contact lense
- Demonic thinking
- Doesn’t want attachment
- Has grown to care less of things
- Politeness
- Lost wanderer
- Hates talking
- Loves reading old books and World / War History
- Ships Nazism
- Loves photography
- Shutting down Kik for disgusted at flirted and interfere into my calmness
- Loves listening to music
- Do not simply converse
- Always in the solitude of my room
- Oftenly psychotic, negative, and dull minded
- Do not expect anything out of me
- Tend to cut off people and everyone
- Didn't accept any of friend request unless I knew you or we've been talked
- Loves recharge myself and sleeping
- Always detached
- Insomniac
- Private type person
- Tired and used to being misunderstood a lot as far as I can remember
- The bearer and the keeper of the people secrets
- Loves being left alone
- Loneliness is terribly addicting for this user
- What ever then , get the ******** off , seriously .

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Kaneki Ken represents the insanity and suffering.

Never ending progression .

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