Hello, my name is Quincy(or Quin).

I also respond to Gabriel.

I am a transman, I go by male pronouns and respond to a large plethora of nicknames given to me by friends; Q, Quin, Quinian, Quince, Quincent, Quincifer, Quincoon, Quincy, Quinson, Quintu, Qui, Ru, or Panic.(my friends delight in giving me nicknames)

I am 21 years old and my birthday is February 7th. I was born in 1993.

I enjoy drawing, roleplaying, writing, and singing and my favorite food is broccoli.

My favorite color is blue, I have an undying love for Batman even though I’m haven’t seen much of his canon(I don’t have the money to buy comics and I don’t have cable television).

My main obsessions are Pacific Rim, Supernatural, Legend of Zelda, and my OTP is Debriel(Dean x Gabriel).

I am a panromantic homosexual who is not currently in a relationship.

As some of you may have noticed, I have general anxiety disorder, PTSD, and depression.

Because of this, I might not always be the best person to hang around, but I can sincerely say that despite how I might react to something, I care alot(almost too much) about the people I devote my time to.

I have two siblings; a brother named Jet and a sister named Lucia.

I also like Hotwings.

I love gift art and I will absolutely adore you forever if you draw me gabriel art.

I would also like to put it out there that when you go out onto the internet and pluck art off of photobucket or google or any other site you get character art from, you are stealing. That is a form of art theft as you are using art of other peoples characters for yourself and your own characters. Now I know what you're thinking; "But Quincy! Where else are we to get art of our characters!?" Well my fine pixel friends, Gaia artists produce art every single day of avatars so what is stopping you from commissioning those same artists from drawing a tektek dream avi? Even better, what is stopping you from using those fabulous writing skills that I know you all have to describe the characters yourselves! I know this doesn't seem fair, but picking art off of the internet just because it looks good isn't fair to the artist that drew it! Think about the artists!

What else goes here, oops.


Salt + Vinegar

we just don't know

The mad ramblings of a 20-year-old madman.



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Sytry Von Hellbond

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Sytry Von Hellbond

Not sure how ik you but i do so -poke-
Mad King Ryan

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Mad King Ryan

twerks all over your profile

what up

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m i r a c l e s