To my profile it isn't much but it's what I got.
My name is no mystery but I like to be call liz, lizzie, star or quick.
You can call me whichever you prefer except Blossom!
I'll eat you if you do! YES you! E-A-T YOU!

Moving on, yes I'm a bit strange, odd and sometimes make no sense whatsoever. Tend to lose the topic I'm on and zoom off! So bare with me in those moments and kindly remind me about what we were talking about. Thank you in advance.

I have a few Gaia families scatter in gaia. My first G-Fam was back when I first join, most have quit since then. I quit gaia but came back and got myself a second G-Fam. Sadly most of them have also quit but there are more of them here than the ones that quit. I seem to make gaia families in every thread I become regulars. So that is how I got a third family. I probably going to put up a section for them here... eventually!
I'm currently a College student, working on opening an etsy shop.
Senpai Noticed Me!
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