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This is art of my character, Ulvira Rylinndar. No. You do not have permission to use it. If I find that you have stolen my art, I will hunt you down and cut you.

Vendui, I am Quenthal. I am the captain of a (long running) drow based guild known as Undergaia. You might have found me by coming across my Dark Mother Lolth account. That is one of my mule accounts, and this (obviously) is my main account.

Want to know more? Sure. Ok. (Nosy douche.)

I am currently obsessing over Supernatural, along with the Avengers, as well as astrology (dealing with horoscopes), and ancient aliens.

That about sums it up for now.



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Gender: Female

Location: Underdark

Birthday: 09/23

Occupation: Matron Mother

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