I'm an 18 year old female gaian. I've been here since 2004 and usually only come on in the summer when I have free time. I usually spend my time doing homework and watching TV. I like to play video games when I get free time, as well. I'm going to the University of Kansas and studying Architecture. I'm a Christian and I believe in God with all my heart. Oh, and I love penguins! Thanks for checking me out! God Bless! - Melly <3


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O.o About me? I don't plan to write much. I have a Xanga AND Myspace! So pffffft! =D.


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Art Freebies and Friends Halloween Event:


This is a message being sent out to all guild members. I need your vote and opinions. First of all I just want to know if you even want to have Halloween Event?

Yes or No

Second I would like to know what you would like to do during this event?

(Please state)

And last question, When would you like to have it?

A. The 25th - 31st of October

B. The 29th of October to November 2nd.
Random L

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Random L

Hello there

how are you!! User Image
Sugar Venom

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Sugar Venom

Thank you for all your kind words and compliments.

I wish I could, but I cannot take credit for the art on my profile.

All my art was done by other artists, most by Yoko herself.

Yoko also did the art on my profile layout of the girl and tree swing.

Anyway, your avi is very cute as well.

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I was bored and I like stripes, so...

And sure ^^

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Thanks =3

It seems like a bunch of people are having June 10th birthdays...

And June 10 might as well be my birthday, its my last day of school x3

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LOL funny so ok *pat pat* having a birthday on your own is very special User Image

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heheh it IS a fantastic birthday User Image
Angelic Snow Vixen

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Angelic Snow Vixen

Aw! I love penguins!!! Your avi is cute too. ^^

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Looks like you got your buttons to work! Good job ^^

Your profile is so cute x3

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woot! Nice one melly! -thumbs up-


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