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Ayyyyy. I'm Court. I'm 23, from FL (USA). Hobbies include petting kittens, sucking at League, and stargazing.


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Tiny Exaggeration Report | 11/09/2017 9:56 am
i think i might have known you on an older account maybe??
I own BaristaMeg Report | 12/01/2016 4:42 pm
hey doll how are you
Haii1 Report | 08/09/2016 11:49 am
Thanks for shopping! heart whee
I own BaristaMeg Report | 06/03/2016 10:19 am
Good afternoon my friend
I own BaristaMeg Report | 06/01/2016 7:50 am
Hello smile
I own BaristaMeg Report | 05/31/2016 1:37 pm
Hello Pretty lady smile
Arlinn Kord Report | 07/12/2015 11:15 am
Ok so I'm broke now but

This is only one battle- there's still the whole war to go mwahahahahahaha
Arlinn Kord Report | 07/12/2015 10:29 am
Well get back to me

Idc if you don't want me to buy you things I wanna buy you things and you should totally let me buy you things.
Arlinn Kord Report | 07/12/2015 9:31 am
That awkward moment when you come here looking for a wishlist and there isn't one!
Nuuuuuu ;n;
Dorrian_Malcavalia Report | 10/19/2014 11:59 pm
Thank you for buying blaugh


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Court | 24 | FL

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