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Kurosora the Kitsune

Report | 03/25/2014 7:30 am

Kurosora the Kitsune

Kurosora the Kitsune

Report | 01/24/2014 10:35 am

Kurosora the Kitsune

How goes things?
Drago Milenario

Report | 05/16/2013 5:32 pm

Drago Milenario

Hey, if you need anyone for a roleplay hit me up.
Kurosora the Kitsune

Report | 12/12/2012 11:17 am

Kurosora the Kitsune

Need to talk to you.
Drago Milenario

Report | 07/20/2012 6:30 am

Drago Milenario

Hey, you in any roleplays that need someone?
Drago Milenario

Report | 05/22/2012 1:19 pm

Drago Milenario

Honestly, even without Christian Bale, I just feel like the two films so far were generally drawn out and kind of boring. Don't get me wrong, there's some cool scenes in each one. I however just find the amount of action versus dull to be outstanding. It's the same problem I had with Inglorious Bastards. Cool parts, but overwhelming boring in its own right.

I honestly haven't seen it. People say it's good, and I hope it is... But I'm wary of watching comic inspired movies anymore.
Drago Milenario

Report | 05/22/2012 8:13 am

Drago Milenario

I love it. All of it. xD

Sounds good. =)

Aw. I love my six month year old nephew. My little thuggy buggy. I've yet to meet a child that ruined them for me. Haha. My family has always had a ton little kids and I just love 'em.

Honestly I hate Christian Bale too much to really give those movies much of a chance. Plus, I'm obnoxiously loyal to Jackie as the Joker.
Drago Milenario

Report | 05/22/2012 8:07 am

Drago Milenario

Have you seen Gurren Lagan?

The only series related things I've done lately is Pokemon. I'm always curious about KH ones.
I haven't kept up with most of the series' I used to roleplay.
Hmm, supernatural and futuristic? If I liked the roleplay enough I have a character that fits the scenario.
It's up to you though. If you ever want to roleplay with me you could toss me something my way. If I like it, I'd have no problem joining.

Yeah, I love kids. I've been working with kids since I was 17, and I want to do more.
I don't know if I ever want to be a father or not, so this is kind of a good thing for me too.
Yeah, it'll pay more than minimum wage. Fo damn sure. Haha
Drago Milenario

Report | 05/22/2012 7:38 am

Drago Milenario

Go big? Well, you could go Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagan of Darkness. That mofo was big enough to throw galaxies.

Aw, I miss roleplaying with you too! Well, if you really wanted to rp with me, I could always branch out and consider other settings.

That's a pretty solid plan. Teaching will always be in demand. And cops get great benefits. So either way you sound pretty set.

Personally I'm in school for Psychology. I used to be an art major - but I got cold feet about ever being able to find a career since I loathe doing digital art. I respect it as an art form, it's just not the medium for me.
I would really like to be a child Therapist or a school counselor. That's where my passion's at right now.
Drago Milenario

Report | 05/22/2012 7:11 am

Drago Milenario

Change is usually for the better. You've reached a milestone! What's next, classy versions? You could shoot for Empress next. Ha

You know, there is a mac version of the game. Unless of course you just don't game on the computer. Yeah, my first big gaming experiences were on computer. And Diablo I came out in '96, so yeah my childhood gaming experience flourished there. And Diablo III is baller, only had to wait twelve years. Ha.

Yeah, I've just been in such a mood for medieval set roleplays lately. If you're in one and need someone, shoot me up.
I see, I see. I need to figure out if I'm going to apply for grad school right away. I'll be a senior in the fall. Ugh, can't believe it's almost over. Shortest years of my life. Ha.
Do you have any idea what you want to go to school for?