Name: ******* but you can call me Jess <3

Age: 16



About Me:

Hello there :3
I'm the amazing Jess! The most amazing and cool person eva!!!! You can just die over my amazing and talented skills c:<
I'm very easy to make friends! I like anime, music and a load of other sh*t :,D So if you wanna do some crazy a** adventure stuff...COUNT MEH IN!
I cosplay when i got the time. I'ma geek bruh! *get fake glasses and put them on* I also read manga cause i can. I like alpacas too. My dream is to own two! There names will be Jerry and lil wayne! gosh i can't freakin wait! D:<
My favorite snacks are CAKE! CAKE CAKE CAKE!!! and cupcakes >w<
Like man if you wanna talk about cakes and stuff i'm ya girl ;o;
hook me up brutha! eue
(no fruit cake)
Listen if your a fan of fruit cake... we can't be friends B[

But don't be afraid to comment and talk and stuff cause i'm actually very nice c:<

My Real Story:

I'm always a happy person even tho when i'm not. I lie to everyone just to keep my distance i have really good reasons why. I'm such a fake. I act like an air head sometimes, i even act like everything was going okay. I'm actually sad :/
I have this friend at school and she made me happy c: I felt strong and positive, we talked about living with each other and going to the same college when we grew up. We even met more friends... But one day rumors started to spread and she started to ignore me..

Not just her but everyone. They didn't want to talk to me or anything. They would only talk in private. They called me a b*tch or whore... stupid things.. But i didn't let that get in the way x'D cause i was just tired to deal with it.

Home was no better. My dad was a very mean person as you would say. I was scared of him. He did bad things. One day he got caught and was put to jail. But he still does them. He could never change even tho i thought he could. I ran away from home one day cause i couldn't deal with it anymore. But i got caught and had a beating of my life time Dx

I could't focuse at school so my grades went down. There was a point where i couldn't handle school or home. So i took a lot of da pills and it didn't kill me... ene
My mom signed me up for some special group with kids who struggled just like me.
I hated it.

I can't stand people. Sometimes it makes me jealous... to see that other people can be happy. So thats why i'm such a fake air head. I'm something that i'm not. I don't know who i am anymore.

I'm going to start new cause i'm switching schools and whatever but who knows?

So if you wanna be my gaia bestie than add me bro c:
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Toy Sama
Droxix Vantra
Queen l3oss
Kohais Senpai
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