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    Hello loves x

    So a little about myself. I'm Jackie. Iā€™m 19 years old (I blessed the world with my existence on May 26th, feel free to send me presents) and Iā€™m half Jordanian and half Filipina. I'm bilingual, and hopefully that's enough for my CV.

    I've changed a lot since I've last seriously been active on this website, and lost touch with so many people I used to be close with, since life happened and Gaia sort of died for everyone. Although, in any case you remember who I am and wish to contact me, please feel free to do so either here or on any of my social links:
    tumblr | twitter | instagram | askfm | deviantART
    snapchat: jaexfries

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Hope to hear from you guys, old friends and new x

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šŸ’œArt I've received, thank you to everyonešŸ’œ
p.s. I lovelovelove freebies *hint hint*

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