Hello loves x

    This account was originally known as NaturallyCrazyy. After that, I’ve changed it to iCoughee. On the 14th of April, it became Jackie Kitty. On the 7th of June, it has changed once again to Queen Fries.

    I’m very indecisive.

    So a little about myself, you may call me Jackie. I’m 18 (I blessed the world with my existence on May 26th, feel free to send me presents) and I’m half Jordanian and half Filipina. I lived in the Philippines for a year, which is my birthplace, and then spent the rest of my life here in Jordan (the Middle East). I'm bilingual, hopefully that's enough for my CV.

    I've changed a lot since I've last been seriously active on this website, and lost touch with so many people I used to be close with, since life happened and Gaia sort of died for everyone. Although, in any case you remember who I am and wish to contact me, please feel free to contact me either here or on any other social website. My twitter is @catsandfries and I'm on askfm as well under the username jackiexcoffee, and you can view my Instagram to make sure I am not secretly a kitten behind the screen. It's private though. I'm mostly active on those. I wish to hear from you guys~

    Thank you for your time, ciao x

Last update: 11th January, 2017
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