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This is a mixture of fantasy and reality; my true thoughts and those of my dreams. There may be character descriptions, short stories, poems, languages, day-to-day info, or just random nonsense here. From the minds of the mad come great wisdom.


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kicsidia Report | 09/08/2016 12:43 pm
Cool shop emotion_dealwithit
womanchild Report | 08/25/2016 3:41 pm
Beautiful purple avi! heart
Awai Ashirami Report | 06/09/2016 5:21 pm
you always have awesome avi outfits
Uzumaki Bango lV Report | 05/01/2016 5:27 pm
Alphagirl Report | 04/03/2016 4:08 pm
This is the first time I've ever seen a store like yours and I think I'll definitely be back to try my luck again! What a neato concept.
(captcha: nice to meet you)
Peanut3459 Report | 03/25/2016 5:12 pm
Your action was a lot of fun.
Do you do them often? :3
Dark Chansey Report | 03/21/2016 5:30 am
      hi~ I've added you to my Quest page, technically there's a portion there where I promote stores and friends/nice people. hope you don't mind heart

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/20/2016 2:13 pm
      thanks again. i really appreciate it. <3
      i got to sleep now. i dont think i can keep myself awake any longer. emotion_zombie
      it's 5:12am here. lol <3

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/20/2016 1:58 pm
      omg this is too much T o T thank you very much!

      you don't have to, but... //touched 10000000000000x

      this is cute!

      ...signed Dark Chansey
Dark Chansey Report | 03/20/2016 1:21 pm
      emotion_kirakira welcome!
      you're one of the few hope in this cut-throat MP comm.

      ...signed Dark Chansey