You want to know something about me?
I am a person.

I have a decent imagination.

I can act like an immature dork.

I enjoy talking to different people.

I like to play video games.
I am a video game kind of person!
• Star Ocean • Mortal Kombat • Castlevania • DDR • Devil May Cry • Chaos Legion • Ninja Gaiden • Halo • Gears of War • Bioshock • Kingdom Hearts •The Suffering • Harry Potter • Lego: Batman & Indiana Jones • Shadow of the Colossus •
I know there is more then those that I enjoy playing but that was just a few for now. :3

Ask me questions! C:
I like questions!
(You better.)

I don't care if people see what items I have equipped any more because honestly if you can't come up with your own ideas you are just a bit pathetic ouo
But honestly I don't care if people copy my style. That is just a boost to my ego. You like my avatar enough to try and replicate it? Go ahead dear.
I don't get upset because I know my avatar will always be better. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif
I encourage you to actually replicate my avatar. Send me a comment. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
I dare you. I wanna see what you come up with.
And if you can ever keep up with how much I change my avatar, kudos to you darling.

I LOVE to profile hop.
I really enjoy looking at other profiles then my own.
I like the different styles and the difference in general.

My heart goes to: Josh <3. Turtles. Sushi. Yaoi. Love. The color blue. The color pink. Friends. Men. Rare Steak. Popcorn. Kittens. Avatar Art. Menudo. Zebras. Werewolves. Ghosts. Scary movies. Nintendo DS. French Fries. Random People. Random anything. Playstation 2. Wishing.

Avatar Art I have collected so far. cx

Have a great day every one. Thanks for stopping by my profile. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif



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Aww ^o^ Thanks bae! heart too cute
Yaas its ok to vent now and then but complaining is a bad habit best to be proactive!
How's life been? heart I have so much HW gonk

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I love it too so pretty! ^o^ it was actually my birthday yesterday! Lunch with the fam and a walk in the mark on the riverside with our coffees while the sun set and then I got to go out with friends! I dumped him a few weeks ago, he was living with me. Things are a lot better now that hes gone smile

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woah cool profile don't remember this from before is it new? long time no talk sis! heart hope things are well
OMG Sushi

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OMG Sushi

Sorry, for the Impure Intentions sweatdrop
OMG Sushi

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OMG Sushi

not sure if you have a high bid or not but i'd like to offer 18b pure. c:

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They're very good, I've had some before.

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Omg really?! That would be totally awesome!! No obligation necessary of course! I'm trying to find the time to do a group sketch but pretty busy as school is about to start smile eh it'll be a work in progress for now. And yes with the funny video contest I don't think people should have to make their own I think it's okay for everyone to share funny videos they've seen on the web, otherwise I don think people would actually enter ^^; lol

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Hm, something like custard buns?


Koemiko Says:
You're like a very tall tree, and I have to trim your branches before you get too big.
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Questing to turn my avatar into a SD Plus Doll.

If you wanna randomly add me, I wouldn't mind... I like strangers. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif