You want to know something about me?
I am a person.

I have a decent imagination.

I can act like an immature dork.

I enjoy talking to different people.

I like to play video games.
I am a video game kind of person!
• Star Ocean • Mortal Kombat • Castlevania • DDR • Devil May Cry • Chaos Legion • Ninja Gaiden • Halo • Gears of War • Bioshock • Kingdom Hearts •The Suffering • Harry Potter • Lego: Batman & Indiana Jones • Shadow of the Colossus •
I know there is more than those that I enjoy playing but that was just a few for now. :3

Ask me questions! C:
I like questions!
(You better.)

I don't care if people see what items I have equipped any more because honestly if you can't come up with your own ideas you are just a bit pathetic ouo
But honestly I don't care if people copy my style. That is just a boost to my ego. You like my avatar enough to try and replicate it? Go ahead dear.
I don't get upset because I know my avatar will always be better. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif
I encourage you to actually replicate my avatar. Send me a comment. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
I dare you. I wanna see what you come up with.
And if you can ever keep up with how much I change my avatar, kudos to you darling.

I LOVE to profile hop.
I really enjoy looking at other profiles then my own.
I like the different styles and the difference in general.

My heart goes to: Being in love. Turtles. Sushi. Yaoi. Love. The color blue. The color pink. Friends. Men. Rare Steak. Popcorn. Kittens. Avatar Art. Menudo. Zebras. Werewolves. Ghosts. Scary movies. Nintendo DS. French Fries. Random People. Random anything. Playstation 2. Wishing.

Avatar Art I have collected so far. cx

***All art credit goes to the respected maker of it***
*Art is in order of newest to oldest*

Have a great day every one. Thanks for stopping by my profile. emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif



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Cuthail Fox

Report | 10/20/2014 11:05 am

Cuthail Fox

;w ; omg I want it back too!!! -cries-

xD I'm going to be that parent that embarrasses the crap out of my children because I can! They will hate me! but I won't care, I'll be having too much fun to care. xD I can see it now, I'll be that crazy old grandmother that everyone will talk about after I die like, "Remember old woman josey!? She saw things and wound randomly sing carols in public!" lol!! omg it was amazing ice cream! It was soft serve and everything! ;w ; -tries not to cry thinking about it- I think I may have to find my nearest Dairy Queen to get me some later o.o Ice cream, would solve wars! O: it's be all like, "INCOMING!" -drops a air drop full of ice cream- Man if we were closer I'd so literally take you up on that date! Unless somehow you're in the state of Maine, lol.

lol!!! -looks at my fingers then hands you the glue- there you go, I got it all over my fingers earlier, I'm still trying to get it off which means you'll never be able to loose that cap now! xD

xD -applauds- The perfect place to remember a crappy relationships memory on the potty! lol! I'd not add him, and i'd block him too but again that's just me. Thanks love! I'm happy for you as well!! ^-^ Oh wow England will be magical!! The person I'm talking too is trying to help my dream of living in Ireland come true! :3 Long distance has it sucky moments, but in the end, everything will be worth it <3

Exactly!!! there are honestly some ships out there that should never be created, but I'm not gonna complain about them because some people enjoy those Barron ships!

Report | 10/20/2014 10:32 am


Are you online? I opened te giveaway thread

Report | 10/19/2014 9:04 pm


Cuthail Fox

Report | 10/19/2014 7:55 pm

Cuthail Fox

xD omg I miss afternoon nap time!!! that was the Bomb!!! -wiggles- biggrin

ahahahah!!! That and the Turkey Day of 2011 I was in the hospital! razz hahahaha I have some great stories for my future children! xD Mine will hate me too lol, we will suffer the greatness together! I love vanilla chocolate mixed together! ^-^ and ommmmmggg reese PB cup ice cream!!! -drools- ;w ; now I wants ice cream!!! That place sounds like heaven!!! before I moved in Aug, I used to go to this ice cream trailer, I would get a chocolate cone rolled in oreos! omg it was amazing!!! @////@

^-^ You're very welcomes!!! xD careful now love, don't flip your cap at the sexy accents now! -hugs- xD

Then he's not worth having in your life again. It's alright! don't worry about it smile I'm well over him now! I was over him back when we ended. I have found someone ^-^ Just wish we lived closer. I wish the best of luck to you as well! <3

xD I hate shipping haters!! If someone wants to ship someone, LET THE BOAT GO TO SEA!!! biggrin
Free Shrugs

Report | 10/19/2014 7:42 pm

Free Shrugs

*crazy voice* I make de time I MAKE DE TIME! you no won answer mmhm i gotcha now!
Free Shrugs

Report | 10/19/2014 7:33 pm

Free Shrugs

4laugh *huggles face*
Cuthail Fox

Report | 10/19/2014 7:04 pm

Cuthail Fox

^-^ I love it too!!! It's always so exciting to randomly find someone you have interests with. It's like being in Kindergarten again! biggrin

xD Yes, it'll be the best Turkey Day dinner ever! omg I eat a ton that day as is! x.x i can only imagine this years now! xD
^-^ you're very welcome! -huggs- I'd love to go then get ice cream after!! biggrin xD We have ways to cope with the lactose issues! -follows smiling- biggrin yaw ice cream times!!!! What's your favorite flavors?? :3

>///< I can be rather shy at times... But awww thank you very much for the sweet words! ^-^ You're very sweet as well <3 Aww I love that name! Shows you're a strong woman! I understand, That's why we are able to change names smile lol! They are very beautiful to hear them talk ^-^ They are maybe 5th on my list of accents. 1. German, 2. Irish, 3. Swedish, 4. British, 5. Romanian, 6. Ukrainian. :3

Yeah loosing the name would be the worst! xD Knowing it has wolf in it is all that matters now. o.o i wouldn't add him... that's just me though. If I've not talked to someone in years and they add me, it's because they want something I won't give. I completely understand. That's like me and my ex Tony, he cheated a lot, and I found out, he lied, and we've been at each others throats since. Unfortunately he's still trying to get me back, but I'm in a happy relationship now. I'm not going back to him. So I completely understand where you are coming from love.

OMG That's adorable!!!! >/// < I love shipping unshipable pairs!!!!!!

Report | 10/18/2014 8:37 pm


*focuses only on the choking and CHOKES YOU BACK* stressed
Cuthail Fox

Report | 10/17/2014 8:51 am

Cuthail Fox

Like just this morning I randomly clicked on someones profile and now we are friends xD

Yeah it's not gonna be fun at all. It's okaiis, I'll make it through! Surgery date is Nov 24th, so i'll be high on turkey day at least! xD
D: omg! owwww! I'm so sorry love! That's no fun, I was scared to go back to get my foot looked at again, because two years ago when it was fractured and knowing this whole time something was wrong only made me paranoid, but to be honest, knowing the issue has calmed me down a lot and I feel so much better. I wish I could go with you if you ever decide to get it looked at again, its not a easy thing to do, but in the long run it's so worth it. and treatment course is fully you're decision.

hmmm, I've not really thought too much on that. o.o hmmm.. It say to me, peace. See my spirit animal is a Fox, and Cuthail means Shy in Irish and I'm of Irish heritage. And I can be rather shy at times >//< So it's pretty much a great expression of myself smile

xD omg that's adorable! Yeah I wouldn't wanna change it for someone else, what if something happens and ya'll end then when you try to go back it's taken! D: that's happened to me before x.x
Though my ex and I did have matching names iiHis_Asuna_Chan and iiHer_Kirito_Kun razz
Broken Toy Knight

Report | 10/17/2014 8:41 am

Broken Toy Knight



Koemiko Says:
You're like a very tall tree, and I have to trim your branches before you get too big.

Questing to turn my avatar into a SD Plus Doll.

If you wanna randomly add me, I wouldn't mind... I like strangers. emotion_smilies/icon_kirakira.gif