Updated on 5/18/15 5:22 am ET
Alright update...hmm where to start...I guess we'll start with a face. Am I a cool pony yet, for rocking that IRL OMG? emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

My name is Pwny but most know me as Ziggy or just Z. I am 22 years old, gay--AND YES I LIKE PONIES, DEAL WITH IT.

But...err no ponies are very special to me, in that the show changed me...The show taught me many life lessons I failed to learn as a filly--YES I TALK LIKE A PONY, DEAL WITH IT. My Little Pony is truly a magical series...and not just cause of the magic n s**t in it. It is magical because, despite it's immature appearance, it can remind or even teach many of the older viewers lessons in life that they had either forgotten or failed to take on as fillies. One of the most amazing aspects of the show is just how well written it is and how addicting it all is. I mean, I have alot of pony stuff, from plushies to pajama bottoms and all the way up to a framed picture of my favorite pony Derpy. And, it doesn't even stop there, I have folders in folders in folders of mlp related media, and let's not even talk about fanfics...
Fanboy moment over, when I first saw the show and heard that intro it was then that I knew this was no ordinary children's cartoon, this was magic. The ponies would smile and I couldn't help but feel a certain feeling in my heart, and I'd look and smile back. As weird as it sounds, to me the ponies are living, breathing, things, even though they're only 2d--AND NO, I DONT CLOP, IF YOU DO THAT, AND YOU LIKE THE SHOW THEN YOU ARE PRETTY BUCKED UP...Just sayin.

Moving right along, my job, seasonally I work as a landscape artist and pool maintenance technician, in laymans terms I'm a pool boy and I take care of other ponies' yards. In addition to that I am a software security analyst, look it up if you're interested.

My musical tastes vary really, but generall I like all types of EDM, specifically Hardstyle, UK Hardcore, and Electro--AND NO NOT DUBSTEP, THAT s**t ISN'T MUSIC.

What I do on Gaia...hm, I used to be a fisherpony, then I retired and became a vendorpony, and hopefully a modpony someday. If you do run into me, it is likely to happen in fishing as, though I no longer fish I still hang out in the lakes to offer fishing advice to the newfriends and shoot the s**t with oldfriends. Other than that, and vending, I am usually lurking in the forums to either report threads or to offer my help there. Oh yeah, and if I'm not doing that, I'm spending hours upon hours compiling my avi database and making avis, so if you do see me, you can bet I won't be lookin like a chump! >=P

More to come maybe...


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bruh you already know im ride or die 4lyfe m8

^ dumb ******** posted on my profile not yours

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o.o ya- still not sure though. Decisiveness is not a strength of mine.
And yes- would be finising Lucifer's wings (I also have a Michael's formula, but the white body dye would be a rather large hurdle ;>.>
Yes- another JGB collector. We'll see, though. I may have forgotten his/her username o.o;;;

XD Naw. (That's part of the reason why I don't bother wearing bOMG when I'm offering. If I'm bothering to offer, it usually means that I'm buying for myself, but the bOMG implies that I have a lot more gold at my disposal than I actually do =P If it's for the bOMG, tho, you can refer them to me 0.0 I will confirm that it's mine and is lent.

And that's okay XD I do not resent you your sales at all.

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If only you had the ability to slow time right. You can only do so much.. and I do need something to do. So badly. Applying places again I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'd agree though. It'd be sketchy to sell one to someone who seems like they have one already

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am here m8. where else would i be

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Ohs you know....the usual....bored.
Bored. As. Helllllllllll
what bout cho

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Ah- okay XD (and yes, you definitely would. Except for the 1T that you won at one point, I don't think that I ever remember you reporting luck with RIGs XD)

XD Not exactly- want to finish a least ONE pair of these wings (finishing all of them would take too long...), and I figure that I can continue vending while I fish for my rares and get a pair of DJs (Or I can do all of the wings with all gold. Either way. Since I'd likely spend that much time waiting for the JGB 6 to reappear... although I know at least one user who has one, but he's a collector... u.u

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I know haha I'll start working on it soon.

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*puts rusty spoon away*


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=P very well (On another note, have decided that may prolong my departure for one more item quest, so I really can't say anything XD)
^ .^ Besides you always do that- it is a constant in the world of Gaia. To do otherwise might tip the balance in favor of entropy.

Also- you and I both know that you stood no chances with the doll houses XD

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>.> You are not allowed to spend 1T that you are using to quest bOMG to buy a pair of headphones during the beginning of the the market deflation. *executive decision*

Okay, so you can do what you'd like. I like you avi just as much with the scarf, tho 0.0