Updated on 5/18/15 5:22 am ET
Alright update...hmm where to start...I guess we'll start with a face. Am I a cool pony yet, for rocking that IRL OMG? emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

My name is Pwny but most know me as Ziggy or just Z. I am 22 years old, gay--AND YES I LIKE PONIES, DEAL WITH IT.

But...err no ponies are very special to me, in that the show changed me...The show taught me many life lessons I failed to learn as a filly--YES I TALK LIKE A PONY, DEAL WITH IT. My Little Pony is truly a magical series...and not just cause of the magic n s**t in it. It is magical because, despite it's immature appearance, it can remind or even teach many of the older viewers lessons in life that they had either forgotten or failed to take on as fillies. One of the most amazing aspects of the show is just how well written it is and how addicting it all is. I mean, I have alot of pony stuff, from plushies to pajama bottoms and all the way up to a framed picture of my favorite pony Derpy. And, it doesn't even stop there, I have folders in folders in folders of mlp related media, and let's not even talk about fanfics...
Fanboy moment over, when I first saw the show and heard that intro it was then that I knew this was no ordinary children's cartoon, this was magic. The ponies would smile and I couldn't help but feel a certain feeling in my heart, and I'd look and smile back. As weird as it sounds, to me the ponies are living, breathing, things, even though they're only 2d--AND NO, I DONT CLOP, IF YOU DO THAT, AND YOU LIKE THE SHOW THEN YOU ARE PRETTY BUCKED UP...Just sayin.

Moving right along, my job, seasonally I work as a landscape artist and pool maintenance technician, in laymans terms I'm a pool boy and I take care of other ponies' yards. In addition to that I am a software security analyst, look it up if you're interested.

My musical tastes vary really, but generall I like all types of EDM, specifically Hardstyle, UK Hardcore, and Electro--AND NO NOT DUBSTEP, THAT s**t ISN'T MUSIC.

What I do on Gaia...hm, I used to be a fisherpony, then I retired and became a vendorpony, and hopefully a modpony someday. If you do run into me, it is likely to happen in fishing as, though I no longer fish I still hang out in the lakes to offer fishing advice to the newfriends and shoot the s**t with oldfriends. Other than that, and vending, I am usually lurking in the forums to either report threads or to offer my help there. Oh yeah, and if I'm not doing that, I'm spending hours upon hours compiling my avi database and making avis, so if you do see me, you can bet I won't be lookin like a chump! >=P

More to come maybe...


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One of my IRL friends was over my shoulder when I was on Gaia and I went to your profile and they saw your brony remix video and freaked out he's like dude i'm brony too xD

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0.0 I like the white, and the colors are well balanced. I have no complaint about the avi itself but it does look very similar to what I usually see on you tbh sweatdrop

XD Ziggy is in an endless quest to improve his avis. But yes- that avi is still my favorite, to date ninja *clings to avi*

Ah- I missed it, as well XD I'm about to read through it, so I'll tell you if I find anything noteworthy (though I'm sure that you'll read it, as well)
0.0 I think that you'll find that people will readily help if you ask them during conversation, but peoples will probably not post in the guild threads of their own volition. 'S going to be difficult now that fishing is dead, though ^^;

XD *pats*

0.0 Naw- just meant in general. (which does include the updates, I suppose)

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I know. I was like. How tf do i have 3tril gold. lol

It's not. Clever use of an item. it blends in with my avi's skin color. razz

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iHavoc purchased your "Gold-Plated Rec Band" in the Marketplace for 3,200,000,000,000 gold

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With respect to the hair: I like the contrast that it creates against the wings... not necessarily the hairstyle itself tho. I think that I like the new boots more, but I see what you mean about them being overpowering.
With respect to the eyes: Ah- that makes more sense. What you have on your current avi definitely gives a malicious aura 0.0 (And that's fine about the face paint XD was just curious)

XD which best avi that Ziggy ever made?

I wouldn't worry about the hands being too feminine- it goes fairly well with female avis, but it's not noticeable in the context of the whole avi.

XD I'll leave ATS to you, then, if they already gave a soft time estimate. It seems like you can probably give the lake magazine a break until the update is finished, unless you want to have all of the setup finished by then =P

0.0 What's up with work? Also- what is up with all of your guild(s) stuffs?

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Sounds good to me smile

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(0.0)> *Pwny pats*

=P It's not bad- would say, though, that the hair kind of blends into the wings when not looking at the avi closely. Dunno if I like the Protagonist's glasses (Congrats on getting that, btw ^ .^)- it makes the expression look... dark (0.0 How does it look with SDPlus #038?). Other than that- I like how you created the cape; boots are a bit clunky, but are okay enough; could use a bit more white in the bottom/middle.
Why do you think that the arm pose would look better on a female avi?

I've been okay. Stressed, but okay. Opinions on fishing... well, it's broken. They haven't exactly given us an ETA; someone (read: I) will probably ask about the general timeline for the fishing update today at the ATS; I think that it would be fair to ask whether we will be waiting for weeks or months before we can fish again (Seeing, though, as there have been no fishers who've mentioned tested out the new fishing system, I'm leaning towards months, which probably means no July tournament).
In the meantime... fishing will be a bit dead. On the other hand, interest will probably spike after the update is released, which will be good, provided that, you know, the servers don't lag and they've adequately tested the updated fishing for bugs.

... I'm a bit sleep deprived, so that probably made no sense. How are you? Do I need to send food? I can send food eek

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it does, ive been good for the most part

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yw smile your changed avi xD

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dat video tho lmao xD, i like your necklace btw on your avi emotion_kirakira