I don't know what there is to really tell you about me. I guess the most proper thing I can do is tell you about the name I have chosen. In truth, I can have a very short attention span and am easily confused, but more then that I happened to get this name thanks to a friend of mine in real life. She had come up with the word confuzzled, and I happened to really like it, and thought that since I am easily confused and or puzzled thought the name PuzzledConfuzzled would suite me perfectly.

Okay, so you don't have to call me just PuzzledConfuzzled, Puzzled, or Confuzzled you can call me Katie, Kate, or Kat.. None of those really have to do with my real name. They are just names you can call me, or you can call me your own personal nick names as long you aren't mean about it. When I get to know you and trust you, I will tell you my real name. But until then, Katie, Kat, or Kate work just fine. Thanks!

I am a girl, but I guess most of you would either figure that out because of the way I happen to type, or due to my avi. Whichever comes first. I am not very big on being social in real life and am actually very shy and reserved until I get to know you and trust you.. That may be the case here on gaia as well, but it doesn't have to be. You are nice to me and show me respect, then I will be the same way to you. But if you are a total b***h or flirt, then I will be that. To tell the truth, how I act towards you will be the way you act towards me. Just a heads up now.

As to how long I have been here on the site... Well I joined originally back in 2004, but somehow that account got deleted or I lost my password or something like that and got a new name all together. And then back in 2008 I was forced by my mother and step-father to leave the site and since then have been on another role play site and almost forgot about gaia..that is until I saw my sister having so much fun here. And in seeing that, I have decided to come back to the site that was originally my online home and one of the places that I loved the most.

Now for those of you that like cybering... I will say this much. I don't mind an occasional "fun time", but that is not really the sort of girl that I am. I am not a total and complete horndog and so would really, really appreciate it if people would not only talk to me for that reason.

I love to role play and have been doing that for about eight years. I will role play anything at least one time and see if I like that style or not. Recently I have been learning to play guys and I will admit I am still shaky at that, but if it is needed then I won't mind trying my hand at it. Most times I love to role play fantasy, romance and high school themed things. But yeah, if you need a person for it, don't be afraid to ask. I don't bite and the worst I may tell you is that I am not really interested.

I am a twin and I love my sister to death. She is my best friend and the one that I tell everything to. She was actually the one that convinced me to come back here and try having fun again. She means the world to me. I mean sure we have our fights, but what siblings don't? She means the world to me, and I don't know where I would be now if it hadn't been for her.

Overall, I guess you can say that I am easy going enough but don't get on my bad side.

If there is anything else you would like to know about me, it's okay to send a PM my way. In fact I love random PMs and getting to know new people. Don't worry I don't bite that hard smilies/icon_wink.gif


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Happy birthday Puzzled.

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Haha, nice. I will post for you soon.

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Good thing I have most of the items already. xD And thank you. ^-^

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So, what you think of the avi I am aiming for?

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I feel better hearing this, I really do, but I think I'm just afraid of losing anyone else, my brother is getting into some big problems, and hes doing it to himself, and its making us talk less and less, my sis is in her own world being married nd s**t, plus everything else, theres so many other things too, just cant say them, or even type them I guess, Idk I know you get how I feel, You guys are nearly the only people who can message me and I actually respond. I'm just like so in my own world, I'm cutting everyone off but it's more for their own good, I'm not good to be around right now, I'm still trying to figue out why certain things had to happen, all at the same time, literally within the same month, too much to handle, so I just space it till I can deal with it, and I feel horrible already, marie and your dad have been calling and I haven't talked to anyone in days, I'm avoiding EVERYBODY. and it's absolutely nothing to do with them I still love everybody and it's not forever but I know it's hurting their feelings and I just can't tell them why I need this time, everyone hates me right now for it. UGHHH this feels good to rant<3

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ahh T/y I need some good hugs right now,
theres also just so much stuff going on that
I haven't told any of the family,
I already feel like a pitty story so like if I just keep
everything to myself no one can feel worse for me, like
....IDK I see the way a lot of people look at me and
it makes me want to kick myself, and then maybe
them in the face but mainly myself for even letting
them know whats going on in my world and the s**t
that's been happening...ugh,
okay sorry RANT DONE<3
But, happy thoughs whats new with you guys?

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Hes on my kill list for sure.
And I miss RP I've just lost absoutly all of my creativity since, well, you know what happened.
I think I lost a lot of who I was, like imagination wise, I feel like my mind got limited when I lost her.
Idk thats weird.

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uh, terribly, awfully horrid, but this could be worse<3 Lols
everyone hates me, but I'm okay with that.
How are you, miss im not gonna go on gaia for so long my cousin forgets my username