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Hi Gaians!
I am Puya from Iran and I've been on Gaia since 2009.

My home in Gaia is Word Games forum. I've met the loveliest and cuddliest people there. So proud to be a WGer.

I'm currently studying architecture which I really love, I also love music which I listen to almost all the time, From Iranian classical music to the Blues.

I love meeting new people so don't be shy and just say hi!


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Irised Report | 05/28/2015 1:01 pm
Not too much here. Just chilling at home. My back is sore. Going to the gym tonight, I think.
How about you?
Irised Report | 05/20/2015 8:00 pm
Yeah, it's easy to find ways to distract yourself away from what's really important. As long as you are productive in some way, I guess you can't fault yourself!
Irised Report | 05/18/2015 9:50 am
Irised Report | 05/16/2015 7:56 pm
Yeah, that was quite sad. May he rest in peace...
How go your studies?
Elrom Report | 05/16/2015 2:27 pm
I'm glad that it did.
Irised Report | 05/14/2015 2:45 pm
I'm doing well thanks smile I am writing, both fiction and music and am attending a group for depression.
It's been a while, glad we could catch up <3
Irised Report | 05/12/2015 8:17 pm
Hi Puu!! It's been a while and I just wanted to check in and see how you were!?
Hope all is well!! <33
Nyumonster Report | 04/30/2015 7:44 am
Glad to hear you're doing fine. <3
I'm alright, though I feel tired all the time thanks to my job. emotion_zzz
Nyumonster Report | 04/29/2015 1:46 am
Long time no talk, how have you been, sweetie? whee
Nyumonster Report | 04/28/2015 11:53 am
Hey Puu~ heart