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Hi Gaians!
I am Puya from Iran and I've been on Gaia since 2009.

My home in Gaia is Word Games forum. I've met the loveliest and cuddliest people there. So proud to be a WGer.

I'm currently studying architecture which I really love, I also love music which I listen to almost all the time, From Iranian classical music to the Blues.

I love meeting new people so don't be shy and just say hi!


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K i m z y Report | 09/08/2014 4:38 am
K i m z y
Thanks. :>
Capitano De Conseur Report | 08/24/2014 12:30 am
Capitano De Conseur
Right ? Gotta save these last few days
responsibility and the likes ahoy, ; - ;
Capitano De Conseur Report | 08/23/2014 7:34 am
Capitano De Conseur
Ay 'Cutie !
I'm quite alright, doing the same old same old
How's life treatin' you hm ?
Payonai Report | 08/15/2014 6:38 pm
Puuya! :'>
haha i'm done with the chibi! it's not animated though
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I would have quoted you but I don't want the people ordering art from me to come after me for doing so many freebies instead of requests. gonk
Capitano De Conseur Report | 08/14/2014 8:27 am
Capitano De Conseur
/ grin
I'm quite alright ! Planning to be lazy all day
How about you ?
Capitano De Conseur Report | 08/13/2014 6:24 pm
Capitano De Conseur
T-Thank you ! Yours is quite lovely also !
Amduseus Report | 07/22/2014 6:13 pm
Well, I haven't improved in so long that it would probably take a miracle for me to actually become an acceptable artist. It's just not my thing, no matter how much it interests me sweatdrop

WG seems so foreign to me again now, lots of new faces and tons of stuff that I missed. It'll be fun catching up!
Amduseus Report | 07/21/2014 8:47 pm
Oh, a drawing class sounds interesting. Although I am terrible at art, and I'm not just being modest. I would love to get better at it though (although I'm not sure if there's any chance for my artistic recovery at this point emotion_sweatdrop )
Capitano De Conseur Report | 07/19/2014 12:36 pm
Capitano De Conseur
Aha, yeah well I dont know why but I'm back... again.
I've been in WG for a few years now, 5 ? maybe 6 ? Who knows.
But I'm starting off fresh, only few remember me really
Capitano De Conseur Report | 07/19/2014 7:00 am
Capitano De Conseur
I've been stalking it for a few years, but I'm never the penpal type so you'd never see me actually posting in it
But I think looking at what's everyone is interested in from where they live. There's alot of demand for east asians, 'dunno why though.
It's a great thread, and I'm sure you've made quite a few friendships and relationships already.