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Hi Gaians!
I am Puya from Iran and I've been on Gaia since 2009. (Although my profile says 2010)!

I am a male in real but sometimes my avatar here may seem female!

My home in Gaia is Word Games forum. I've met the loveliest and cuddliest people there. So proud to be a WGer.

I have studied Architecture which I really love, I also love music which I listen to almost all the time, From Iranian classical music to the Blues. I am really interested in having conversations about arts! I also like to see your works too!

I love meeting new people so don't be shy and just say hi!


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Saffrons_Curse Report | 12/04/2016 6:55 am
Now to actually reply! sdfk;ugsadfg

We had to learn it in like ... grade school at some point, but after that, it wasn't required, so as far as I know, no one really kept up with it [I know I didn't my print was atrocious enough XD]
Lool~ yep! Lower case 'r's were also troublesome for me. <Da and a handful of the capital letters.

Aw man, that's so cool; like some crazy fantasy s**t. Like... but the poem is ACTUALLY the key to such and such supernatural thing/gives directions to the location of some hidden artifact. Gah. Secret messages built into walls and s**t... that is really really cool. ;A;!!

That's so cool; I never woulda thought there would be another group of languages that, like Romance languages [and.. English? xD], has a lot of similar words, but aren't mutually intelligible. Makes me wonder if there are others. O 3O
Saffrons_Curse Report | 12/04/2016 6:35 am
@_@!! I didn't?? HNNG~~
Apologies. Sometimes, I read messages, but don't have the time to reply to them, and then I forget about them because I have s**t memory. orz
Don't cry please. ;w;! -clingpat-
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/13/2016 6:58 am
Shadow Belmonte
(Also if you could delete that last post when you are done reading, please.)
Saffrons_Curse Report | 11/12/2016 3:38 pm
Everyone's useful somehow~ >w< heart

Bahaha XD Well; it seems to me like permanent [cursive]; which was always a pain in the a** for me in school. Even now, I forget how some of the [letters] look, because it's so infrequently used. XD I think a lot of people [mix] some regular print and cursive together in their handwriting here.

HOLY s**t. I never in a million years would have guessed that would be text. @A@!! That's crazy and awesome. Where are the tiles and bricks that have that usually seen? Like, is it typically reserved for governmental, university, entertainment, and/or private buildings? o 3o Or is it like art stuff and put specifically up on display indoors etc the same way a painting would be?

Right? OvOe
Yeah, I've seen Turkish before.. Vietnamese is another language that has a script with Latin roots.
Nordic languages are kinda weird, because since they're Germanic, and English has a lot of Germanic influence, for me, it sounds familiar, but I can't understand it. Almost like that American Gibberish song.

Ah! I would, but I'm past the limit so I can only accept them. If you send a request, I'll accept it. C:!
Saffrons_Curse Report | 11/12/2016 1:32 am
To be fair; I only looked them up via googling while I replied to ya! XD lfkdulhsbvkdba So, now I've learned even more thanks to you~~~ XD!

Well, but do they look different depending on where they are in the word? I remember that was a thing with the Arabic I learned [though what letters changed to what shape, idr].

Yeah Armenian looks pretty awesome; without looking carefully, it doesn't look like there are many different letters... maybe like... h,u,n, m, g weird looking d's, To my illiterate a**, it looks something like: hnuugnhu unguduunnung ununugnunhm mnmuuu mnh; but it's so cool that it's a language. That mandombe thing, when I briefly looked into it the other day, I read some s**t about the creator thought it up when he saw 2's and 5's repeated in a pattern on like brick walls, so it's all made with 2 and 5 shapes [LOoook~] unless I got suckered into thinking this is a real language and it's actually not, that looks really damn cool. I mean, even if it's not real, it still looks cool, but it would lose a lot of coolness for being fake. [Burmese] is also so cool looking cause it looks like just a bunch of o's; incomplete o's, the infinity sign, so many little o's it's really cool.

But honestly, any language that doesn't use a Latin base is really cool to me cause it's just so totally alien to me. XDa
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/11/2016 2:32 am
Shadow Belmonte
My name's basically been the same since I joined the WGs a second time. XD

I used to post under a different name (maybe Cyclon Magnum, or Yuki Belmonte, Ice_Sorcerer_Snowe or something) and with a different avatar (which is now Ice Elemental Yuki.)
But after I saw a different person posting around in there that I really didn't like - as in, 10/10 for the dislike scale, I went away for a while.
Then I came back but as Shadow, and I don't know if that person is using a different account or quit, but I'm glad I don't know where they're at. -n-
So I'm sticking to my name and look.
And it was rather rude though, when I went to post as my old avatar (mentioned above; he was made with Inari Beads x Fremere Guards years ago) I felt criticized because apparently I was ripping off others' looks, because there were already 'enough fox guys' in the WGs.
I just get so many incidents out of the WGs, that's part of the reason I also like to go away for amounts of time. e.e'

History is always interesting to me, now that I'm older.
When I was in school though, I couldn't even look at a book because it wasn't cool.
Oh god when did I become an old person no shut up I'm not old I'm still young and cool emotion_0A0 *runs away*

Hm, yeah, Aeroplane is the British spelling of Airplane.
I remember seeing Aeroplane in a British-spelling supernatural thriller-like book, so I found that interesting.
British and English vary on so much stuff. XD

You know me, I usually stick to the same avatar unless I feel like dressing in new items for a short time.

*puts your pink items on a pile in the floor*
*lets you jump in* emotion_awesome

Psh, Trump right now is not the one I'm so worried about, he doesn't start Presidency until January 20th.
Apparently he was sitting on his butt playing on a laptop.
Right now, angry protesters are fighting with police and burning flags and burning Trump-related objects.
Luckily it's not going on in my town, but it does only take one village idiot. sweatdrop
Saffrons_Curse Report | 11/10/2016 3:00 pm
I'm glad you helped me learn something new~ I mean, I figured something like that was possible, but it's still crazy to have it definitively confirmed.
Commence disjointed rambling about various scripts:
Some of those languages you mention, though, the script is notably different, like Sanskrit, Armenian, Mandombe [unless this recent thing isn't official everywhere and Swahili is sometimes written with the Arabic writing system instead], like how Korean is notably different from Chinese, which is notably different from Japanese, so I could look at them, and at a glance know they aren't the same thing, even if they're similar in over all style.
Hindi and Marathi also look really similar to the point where I'm not sure I'd be able to recognize them as separate languages. XDa -looking at a google image of some different scripts- Kannada and Telugu are also really similar.. I'd probably think they were both Kannada on account of me only having prior knowledge of Kannada's perfect-for-emote-eyes symbols [ಠ, ಡ, ಢ, ಥ etc] lol Actually, maybe not, looking into it more Telugu has lots of check marks at the top of a lot of characters that Kannada doesn't have. XDa
@A@ Now I'm looking into others and Georgian is also similar to Telugu and Kannada, and a bit Sinhala [but not exactly, I see lots of characters that look like quails to me in that script], also Burmese looks cool and ials7fgiasdufgaldfbsd,fv @_@ So many scriippttssss~~~~ Puuyyaaaaa.... there are so many writing systems in the worrrllddddddd
Damn, I'd be so interested in just casually learning all the different scripts. (* A*)/ That would be so fun. I would love like.... little worksheets in the form of [grade school activity sheets], but that are SLIGHTLY more complex, like maybe it'd be like a two-parter thing where you first take the script and translate it to its latin equivalent [as close as possible], and then translate the meaning to English [as close as possible] .... Damn. I wish there were books like that for bunches of languages.. I would love those. > 3>!!
I don't know how much actual learning it would accomplish, but damn, that just sounds almost irresistibly fun. @_@ -grabby hands-
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/09/2016 3:04 am
Shadow Belmonte
For your question:

I didn't vote, but if I did, I would have went with Hillary. sweatdrop
Saffrons_Curse Report | 11/08/2016 10:45 am
-Crashes into profile unannounced-
So I was creeping on people's profile comments because I have no life (took like a profile comment's version of a wikiwalk), and I saw you mentioning how Persian isn't Arabic, and and the Shadow person was like 'I bet it's not hard to tell them apart', and since I had/have this friend in Egypt who taught me a bit of Arabic (not fluent at all, I mostly remember how to spell my name), I was like okay, yeah, let's check 'em out and see the difference, but holy crap they look so close to someone who can't read either! And then there's also that Urdu, which looks really similar, too... I was just rather mindblown.
I guess it's sorta like how Spanish, French, English, German, etc all use like.. a Roman writing system basically, where for the most part, the letters are recognizable, but the words don't all translate the same way just cause they look similar.

I just wanted to share that WOAH moment I had, since your comments are what made it possible. o vo!

-scuttles away-
Shadow Belmonte Report | 11/06/2016 6:12 am
Shadow Belmonte
Last time I posted there was probably a few months ago. XD
So many new people don't know me, and then the regulars had name changes galore, so I just do what I do best:
Always post after someone that I haven't posted about before. lol
I don't usually post after the same person in three different threads, I just try to get each person, it just seems more fun that way.

Why do they have three sets of characters is the same as asking, why are all alphabets around the world the way they are.
Well, um... people decided they wanted to do more than grunt at each other like cavemen... XD

Yeah, that's the thing about name changes with places around the world though, sometimes the text books can be heavily outdated.
Once I was talking to a friend (non-English speaker, learning English) and he was using phrases and words, and using names of places that I knew were out-of-date, so I asked, "How old is your book?" because he kept referencing a book he was learning from.
His books were from the '70s and '80s, and he was only about 15?
So I basically helped him upgrade his English by... making his English grammar worse, I'm sure. lol

How fun that is!
I dress my male avatar as a female sometimes as well.
I'm just not that great at dressing a male as a female, but I'm far worse at dressing a female as a female. Despite being a girl. XD
Me, making a male avatar: *click, click, click - done*
Female: *remakes fifty avatars* "Augh this is such a train wreck, why does it keep happening" *fifty more remakes, and still not satisfied with the results*
Simply Tezi

Gaian Significant otter!