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      Oh no... Don't even get me started on university. It's been... quite a ride.
      I remember you told me you were majoring in English. How's that going?! I have so much respect for you right now.
      Thanks for keeping me in the back of your head somewhere. Couldn't forget you either! *cries a river*
      Aw, I'm glad you had a great Christmas! I've had something similar, and by that I mean I've been gaming unhealthily (?) as well.

      Small note:
      Ok, it's literally 6:24 AM and I just finished writing a "surprise" online test my professor decided to gift us with for the weekend. I am crying.
Boba Milk Tease

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Boba Milk Tease

I'm the exact opposite... I just sold my yugioh deck for 300 and bought a new deck for the same price. I didn't lose money, but I still have a lot of regret.
Speaking of regret, I might get a tattoo. One on my bicep, I'm trying gain more mass and muscle though so I don't look like an Asian drug dealer. I may or may not be drunk/high/depressed/tired right now.

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hihi hun :3
Lake HyIia

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Lake HyIia

Castiel is a rather clueless angel but he's also a rough and tough servant of God ppl like to treat him like this super innocent being bcs of how stupid he is with human customs but he isn't innocent at all. None of them are they're all murderers LOL
wtf who loves Joffrey how could aNYONE LIKE HIM but really tho attractive ppl in tv get away with a lot. Take Tate from American Horror Story so many ppl love him even though he raped his girlfriend's mom??? And ppl are like"POOR SWEET ANGEL" ummn no lmao
Everyone pretty much likes Cas
Lake HyIia

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Lake HyIia

Season one will always be my favorite but season 3 is up there. Those two seasons I could watch on repeat everyday I'm sure.
I just wish the series was as good as it used to be. They drag it on which is a damn shame. The only reason most ppl watch it now is bcs of Castiel lol
Dean is a lot like me so I like him a lot :^)) what bugs me is how some ppl hate on Sam. Like come on Dean's ******** up many times and ppl forgive him
Plus Sam has always had good intentions he tries but ******** up. Point is Sam isn't evil he just never knows the right path.
Plus Castiel has done worse than Sam and everyone forgives him easily.
You'll see what I mean further u get into it
Lake HyIia

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Lake HyIia

The show kind of slow downs after season 5 which is a shame it's watchable but it just isn't the same.
Season 3 is one of the best season imo.
I will always have a soft spot for Dean Winchester. That self loathing b*****d will forever be in heart :^)) he's my favorite.
Mission: become a member of the staff pls i need more cosplay stuff
Lake HyIia

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Lake HyIia

It's pretty wild in the early seasons.
Cosplaying problems on here are all too real.
I have a habit of buying items I see on tektek for a cosplay without checking to see if they're all on the mp for a reasonable price or at all
I'm so smart :^)))
We Will Not Yield

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We Will Not Yield

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      Oh my! How long has it been? Thought you would've forgotten about me by now ...I missed you. cry
      I've been catching up with studies, procrastinating here and there. Well, more like all the time... Including logging on to this site. I'M SORRY!
      How have you been? Anything interesting happen lately? 4laugh
Lake HyIia

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Lake HyIia

wIth any luck but if not o well I won't be too upset about it.
Oh ye one of the gaia admins made that doll I forget his username star something or other.
Who doesn't love Khaleesi am i right she's like everyone's favorite LOL she is queen of all.
It sucks when the last item u need for a cosplay isn't on the MP it happens to me way too often.
I have the Supernatural thanks to a friend and boy do i love it bcs supernatural used to be my life.
Not as fond of the newer seasons as the old ones, but it's still watchable.