NOTE: I am on a small hiatus.
Not sure if it's me getting bored of Gaia and it's temp or me just growing out of this site.

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Hello hello! Welcome to my profile!
My name is Chi, I've been on Gaia for quite some time now.
I'm currently 22 years old and blow the candles on October 25th!
I'm a Scorpio and born in the year of the doge.
I have an amazing boyfriend and we've been together for 3 years smilies/icon_heart.gif

I started coming on Gaia in late 2006 and I've been obsessed with this place since.
Even through long hiatuses I still manage to come online.
I enjoy collecting art of my avatars.
Please draw me? ;e ;

If you want to draw me lemme know! I always try to pay the best I can for artwork.

You'll most likely find me posting in the GCD and I stalk the art forums.
I play LoL and main support, hit me up and I promise I can try hard to not fail you orz;;;

Well if you wanna know more, just comment me.
I don't bite!

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