Ok, so I tried to put all my interests in the interests place but that totally didn't work. Here's everything interesting about me that I can think of. If I remember more, Ill add it. Firstly, I am a total Valley Girl, it may not seem like it on here, cuz I dont say "like" and "totally" too often, but if you knew me, you could tell. Even ask yuki, shed totally agree Edit (Summer 2013): Wait, who looks at profiles anymore? smilies/icon_xd.gif Anyway, here are the basics:

Name: Jessica (Jess for short)
Age: 22 (Born May 9th 1992)
Job: College Student
Location: Yakima, WA
Interests: Music (I really only like new music) reading books (although I don't do that much anymore) and GAIA (seriously, I spend most of my time on here)
I also recently started playing WoW (for the Horde!! emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif ) but I'm terrible at it, otherwise I'd tell you to hit me up if you play.

That's all I can think of for now.

This is my Dream Avatar! (Isnt she pretty? ^.^)

-No Dream Avatar at the moment!-
I'm currently questing 1000 CIs. Almost 40% of the way there! smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif

Anyway, you should PM me or something smilies/icon_xd.gif


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My Life (Dont worry, Its not nearly as boring as it sounds, i promise)

Ummmm I think this is kinda self-explanatory. Im just gonna put whatever I feel like putting.


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~Thank you so much for buying,if interested in more ally potion contact me ~
Alec Ikiiki

Report | 08/23/2015 2:57 pm

Alec Ikiiki

I will, considering it's been on my wishlist for several years.

rofl My captcha said zombie attack.
Alec Ikiiki

Report | 08/23/2015 2:39 pm

Alec Ikiiki

Normally, I try to contact the seller and offer below MP price but above what they'd get from the tax, but I didn't feel like it this time. Had I noticed it was you before I finalized the buy I would have PM'd you in an instant. Next time. xp
Im Not Your Buddy

Report | 08/19/2015 9:43 pm

Im Not Your Buddy

Thank you so much for your purchase! Looove your avi and profile! Purple is my favorite color x3
Senor Chanq

Report | 08/02/2015 2:15 pm

Senor Chanq

Send trade 4laugh
Senor Chanq

Report | 08/02/2015 2:06 pm

Senor Chanq

All please, how much each? 3nodding

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I am well, been very busy, getting ready to move at the end of next month. SUper stressed, but life is getting better!
I am SO sorry I missed your nude charity sad I have barely been on gaia at ALL crying

How are you and how did you do?

Report | 06/11/2015 6:10 pm


Hey you, how are you, how is life, school, new place thats not so new anymore ect.

Send me a link for your charity thingy you know I always enjoy supporting ^^
Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

User Image05-09-15
OC Noah

Report | 03/28/2015 1:17 pm

OC Noah

Thank you for your purchase!
Come back soon! emotion_yatta


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