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An Introduction


My names PureFrost, but you can call me Jake if you like.

I'm a student currently living in Canada, shoot me a PM if you want to talk c:

Commonly Asked Questions

Q} Why is you avatar almost always a girl?
A} Gaia's items are mostly catered to a more feminine look, so I just work with what I have.
Q} Sexuality?
A} I get this a lot. I know I my have more "feminine" tendencies, and may act a bit flamboyant at times, but I am indeed very straight.
Q}Skype, Discord etc...?
A} Once I get to know you (Like 6 months, it's a long time, I know) and become more comfortable with you, you may see what I actually look like. (Imagine an angry Gerbil)

MY current Quest(s)

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Thank you to the anon who gifted me this little guy here User Image
I really appreciate it, thank you c:



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