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Momoka Oka Report | 02/07/2014 11:47 pm
Momoka Oka
Aws ;~;
Hahahaha if I didn't have so much to do, I would sleep all the time
Momoka Oka Report | 02/07/2014 11:34 pm
Momoka Oka
D: What happened!?
Hmmm kinda boring, but fine :3
Momoka Oka Report | 02/07/2014 7:48 pm
Momoka Oka
So how have you been?
Momoka Oka Report | 02/07/2014 7:33 pm
Momoka Oka
Pfff hahaha happy to know I am stalked xD
You are special!
Momoka Oka Report | 02/07/2014 4:55 pm
Momoka Oka
You have been up there for a while hahaha~<3
SHODAN Hirasawa Report | 07/03/2012 7:52 pm
SHODAN Hirasawa
Thanks for buying, this is a tough cosplay.. =)
Fatal Yaoi Report | 07/01/2012 12:33 am
Fatal Yaoi
Thank you c:
JAM_Jessica Report | 04/16/2012 5:06 pm
Thank you ^_^
mihaela Report | 12/13/2011 2:42 pm
I have headaches all the time. It's genetic sadly, though I don't get them as chronically as my sister (just often enough to be a bother). Generally, if taking meds doesn't do much good, I try to eat something that makes me feel better overall, such as chocolate or just something that might make my "happy" hormones override the headache.
mihaela Report | 12/13/2011 1:25 pm
For your headache: Ibuprofen works pretty OK for me if it's just a little headache. If it's from a hangover, fried food works like a charm. Just sayin'.

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