Why are you even reading this?

I don’t chase happiness I let it find me.
I get feelings for people really fast.
They don’t always turn out to be genuine.
I’d say sorry, but that’s just the way I feel.
I’m currently single, so pls send me your pix
This is my face.
I like glasses
I have some friends I like a lot.
I do things.
Lot’s of things.
Some are nerdy.
Some extreme,
Maybe even borderline stupid.
Some are boring.
I enjoy all of them so who cares hah
People are interesting.
Notice I didn’t say nice.
I also didn’t say mean.
Just do what you do,
And I’ll do what I do.

I think you should leave me a comment man

Have a good day
Or night, maybe even a good morning
Whatever it is you’re having, enjoy it<3


Don't forget to look up at the sky

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