If you want to get to know me, feel free to message me. I'm an ENFJ Cancerous Rabbit. (Enfj personality, Western Zodiac sign is Cancer, Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit)
I enjoy cosplay, drawing, socializing, writing, and food.
My fandoms are kind of varied if a bit eclectic and I do enjoy anime. Characters that I am similar to include Invader Zim, Deadpool, Terezi, and Kenshin Himura. I am a bit odd and can either be quiet or annoying (depends on mood and stress levels)

I am unsure yet of if I want to do commissions, since virtual currency has little to no meaning for me and projects do tend to pile up quickly. If you have a request for me you may contact me via Skype (theronshadows@outlook.com) or pm me.

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