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My most hated question is "What do you like to do for fun?" So I'm going to answer it here so that you don't ask me.
I like a lot of things. These aren't necessarily in any particular order.
I enjoy doing graffiti art and nail art, I generally don't do avi art, so don't ask. I collect a plethora of odd things. I collect purple monkeys, I currently own 13, and my favorite one is named Emma. I collect music, currently have approximately 3000 songs. I skateboard for fun once in awhile, I'm not great at it. I adore piercings and tattoos. I can never decide what I want though, over the last couple years I've had my hips pierced, my tongue, an industrial, and gauges. Currently I just have my ears stretched and my tongue pierced. My birthday is December the fifth and I'll be twenty-two this year. Finally. I'm a huge football fan, Steelers are my team. I'm pretty tiny, 5'5" and 120 lbs. I wear anything from sundresses to jeans. My favorite thing to do while hanging around is to be pantsless. I wear glasses, because otherwise I can't see. My favorite actor is Johnny Depp. I don't mind Skyping, just don't get clingy please. I have short hair, and I'm too impatient to grow it out. It's currently red, though that is likely to change. I love cliff-jumping. The thrill is incredible. I don't smoke. I do drink on occasion. If I have obligations though, I wouldn't drink myself silly the night before, I'm too classy for that. I deal with a lot of low self esteem problems and I don't need you telling me what a shitty person I am, so if you don't like me for who I am, don't even bother. I love video games. I've gone through different consoles over the years, I currently own an Xbox 360. I've been really into Mass Effect recently though I enjoy pretty much anything including, KoToR, Skyrim, Halo, L4D, CoD.. there's so many it's pointless to list them here. I like taking photos, but I don't make a big deal out of it. I adore food. I love cooking delicious meals and I love eating delicious meals. I enjoy reading books. I'm more of a science fiction kind of person. Every once in awhile I'll pick up a drama or something, but not very often. My favorite color is purple. I have very few friends and I like it that way. I'm picky about who I choose to make friends with. I've had two best friends in my entire life and I lost one of them to drugs back in March of 2014. I am the office manager at a graphics art place.I enjoy it alright. I love moving around, I've not really stayed in one place for more than a year since I turned 17. I was born in Pennsylvania, grew up in South Dakota, went back to PA for awhile, and I'm currently in North Carolina. I will definitely not stay here, but not sure where I will end up eventually. Although now with this job, I might...we'll see. Hopefully somewhere nice. I am not in school, and I'm debating going back, but I'm just, unsure about it. I don't really have the time or the money to do it. I'm currently on a Simpsons kick, and I think it's hilarious. I HATE being called sweetie. Don't ever. So I suppose I am done for now.

I am forever questing items, I keep my wishlist up to date, if you're feeling generous I love donations.


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my name is kâliē

pantsless | sith lord | whovian | bartender

Don't ask me stupid questions


xbox360 live: kalinacious
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