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Report | 04/08/2016 8:55 am


Thank you very much for the purchase! >3< heart heart heart 3nodding

Report | 03/30/2016 9:49 pm


;; ;; you're too good to me.
So how was your day? Hopefully relaxing.
I did however get my car fixed super cheap was nice. She's up and running again haha!

Report | 03/30/2016 8:53 pm


yeah. it sucks.
I just dont understand. If I was a thief, i'd take whats in the safe and leave town.
I work over 40 hours a week with one day off IF I am lucky. I dont understand if my GM is saving someones a** or just guessing.
I've asked her help for once, but as a friend and I guess I just...I dunno.
This made me feel like crap and I'm pretty disappointed. I think I'll put my two weeks in or go to corporate.

Report | 03/30/2016 8:27 pm


I hope you got my gifts!

I saw your status.
Yes. Cause work was just ridiculous.
I got pulled back into our little office and apparently our register has been 20 or more short.
My GM was like "ur on the register the most & you're having financial issues, so it must be you."
I'm just in shock. I told the GM to watch the tapes. Check my belongings.
I wear booty shorts for Christ sake, pretty sure my pockets would morph to the missing wad of cash.
She just promoted me to Team Lead, why in the world would I screw up my promotion?
Why promote someone who is "not trust worthy?"

Report | 03/29/2016 4:50 pm


Just gotta say that I'm in love with your avi! heart

Report | 03/29/2016 10:18 am


is your wishlist updated? c:

Report | 03/28/2016 9:31 pm


Oh, that was nice of you!
Yeah, I hate that old manga is har to get your hands on anymore.
Book stores try to be up to date, I get it.
I can't wait for season 2. It's going to be so cute. Glad they are continuing it.
Have you read any of the "classics" turned manga. Like Pride & Prejudice?

How is school & everything else for ya?

Report | 03/28/2016 6:41 pm


It's kinda small but Jesus Christ. Y me??
I still want guacamole.

Have you been having a good day?
What kind of manga did you get at the con? I'm waayyyy behind on whats out & new.
Have you seen Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair) It's so freaking cute.

Report | 03/28/2016 5:57 pm


I'm used to cutting avocados in my hand & underestimated my knife.
It's just 3 stitches, but ugghhhhhhhhhh.
I've never had broken bones or crazy wounds. I ain't got time for this lmao.

How's your stomach? Just something you ate last night?
I got your PM by the way!

Report | 03/28/2016 5:42 pm


Well I just learned what stitches feel like.
And rip my guacamole.


Art by: Suuya