Hey there! My earliest account here on Gaia dates back to 2005. : ) I've seen Gaia change many times, though not all for the better, in my opinion. I love to chat to people, though I'm not all that great at conversation. So feel free to PM me. ;D

I have two older sisters; one who is five years older than me, the other ten years older. And I love them to pieces. We hardly ever seriously fight with each other. When we do, it is entirely painful. Once the anger dulls, of course. And I love my mother and father, too, of course. My parents divorced when I was younger, and I had a hard time dealing with it, though I'm okay now.

I like listening to music, mostly in the rock genre. I love anime and manga, though I'm not well versed in different series. I draw some, not well, but a little. It's fun, though, so I keep working on it. I love to sing, dance, and act. Theater is a big passion of mine, and I plan to go to college for the technical part of theater. ♥ Psychology and forensic science are a couple of things I could possibly persue in college, but I don't know. I also love to write stories, mostly fanfiction, but writing nonetheless.

Aaaaaand that's all I can think of for the moment. If I think up anything about me that I should share, I'll write it later. x3

I love to hang around the Charity/Quests forum. x3 I meet almost all my friends there. Gonna put up some of my favorite art that I've gotten recently.

By pirate_blue:

By Nhyraxious:

By Niarah:

By errorbound:

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Report | 02/10/2015 10:26 pm


No, no! With me being all distant I don't deserve a new chapter!
When you're done with all that jazz, I need a description of what you think they are like, ill draw up a simple sketch, and maybe will be nice and draw all of them. emotion_yatta

Report | 02/10/2015 9:28 pm


I would like to rp but my writing sucks.
Any more updates for me on my wonderful story? emotion_bigheart
I sorta want to find an artist to draw all the characters. That would be so cool.

Report | 02/10/2015 9:16 pm


Apparently I only have room for three so I have to get them all pulled. No fun. I'm scared to call about the surgery.
Ohh role playing. Fuunmhaven't done that in a whiile.

Report | 02/10/2015 9:03 pm


I'm good. A little sore.
My wisdom teeth are coming in. crying
How are you??

Report | 02/10/2015 8:58 pm


emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

Report | 02/06/2015 2:43 pm


We do.
U n U I dunno if I can keep spamming everyone in freebie section, though.
I have a reputation LOL.
I've never shopped around before though.

Report | 02/02/2015 6:26 pm


Ayeeeee. emotion_dealwithit

Report | 01/27/2015 12:41 pm


Being stuck is no fun.
I hope things get better for you.
:/ I blame the new year 'its going to be a good year' vibe.

Report | 01/27/2015 10:00 am


Ohh THAT week is always fun.
Well that do you mean? What caught up?

Yeah. I've been dealing with lawyers too my older prison brother, too my dead beat dad.
It's such a pain.

Report | 01/27/2015 6:08 am


No, it's not your fault at all!
A lot of people have been trying to talk to me, and I make small talk, but I'm in the same boat. It's been such a crappy week for me & I'm stressing.
I'm worried I am going to take it out of someone, because when I am frazzled, I just dunno how to handle my temper or I might break down just because.
I get in a zone & don't realize how I am treating people, I am sorry.
What's been going on? I'm sorry your week has been awful.


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