Open Your Mind.


Gender: Female

Farewell, I've gone to take my throne above: But don't weep for me, for this is the labor of my love~

Agragorn Secretiore on 10/20/2014
Tanillia Lacrimosa on 10/19/2014
Uliel The Demon on 10/17/2014
A e m i I i a on 10/17/2014
I Gaiiaholic I on 10/17/2014
Zeke Igarashi on 10/17/2014
Gwen De Cruor on 10/17/2014
Not Toast on 10/17/2014
Blood is Lube on 10/15/2014
Shade Nightz on 10/12/2014
Baphomet Queen on 10/10/2014
Prince Neo Shnieder on 10/08/2014
Baltrez Treschow on 10/08/2014



I am known by the name of Lids.

Gank'em. Tank'em. Turret Bait'em.