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-l- Amai Satsujin -l- Report | 05/29/2015 10:32 pm
 -l- Amai Satsujin -l-
I hope me changing my avi didnt mess you up.
K e k k y u Report | 05/27/2015 11:34 pm
K e k k y u
I couldn't help myself! And yes. . .I hear that all the time. "I can barely pay my rent. . ." but they just bought the newest iPhone.
K e k k y u Report | 05/27/2015 11:28 pm
K e k k y u
The mute button is a magical thing. I got a bad survey for replying with "Does it collect unemployment?"
K e k k y u Report | 05/27/2015 11:18 pm
K e k k y u
The most used description of a phone issue. "My phone don't work."
K e k k y u Report | 05/27/2015 11:12 pm
K e k k y u
Tech support for AT&T mostly I have people that don't know how to change their wallpaper on their phones. Tier II isn't as elite as one would think lmfao -drinks kicking feet-
K e k k y u Report | 05/27/2015 11:08 pm
K e k k y u
Went to work and did some overtime. . .I got yelled at by numerous people about their upgrade eligibility.
K e k k y u Report | 05/27/2015 11:00 pm
K e k k y u
K e k k y u Report | 05/27/2015 10:46 pm
K e k k y u
Yeah. . .I'm not a lion xD
-l- Amai Satsujin -l- Report | 05/27/2015 10:13 pm
 -l- Amai Satsujin -l-
-l- Amai Satsujin -l- Report | 05/27/2015 9:59 pm
 -l- Amai Satsujin -l-
my current avi. razz

The Oath of a Protector
"Whither thou goest, I will go;

Where thou diest, will I die

And there will I be buried:

The Angel do so to me, and more also,

if aught but death part thee and me."
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