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Waifu's territory.


Daaaannn. ; O; Where do I start with you? We've had a lot of rough sailing in our relationship, but I'm glad we never gave up on each other. You're perfection itself, at least to me you are. I love you like nobody's business and can actually tolerate you. I love everything about, the fact that you're a jerk included. You're the glue to my glitter, the hot to my chocolate, the roundhouse to my kick. Basically you're my other half. You understand me better than I understand myself. I love you so so much and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you. You're my forever. ; 4 ; Partners in crime since day one.

-Droop Droop

Protagonist DNA
Age: 19
Location: Somewhere in the Mountains
Names: Daniel, Koriyuki, Kori, Yoshii (Select people only.), The Wombat
Hobbies: Video games (Arc system fighters), League, Drawing, Manga, Anime, Card Games

Awesome People Section

Droop Droop
As with all relationships, there's bumpy roads and then there's smooth sailing, we've had a little bit of both but i'm glad i've never given up on her or she's never given up on me. She's one of those people that can put an Honest smile on my face, I never have to pretend anything for her she just likes me for me, and I feel the same about her. She'll keep being my Droopy Pig for time to come and I hope to keep it like that as long as possible.

Thanks to Bro for the icons used below

We've known each other for a good while now, and I think we have one of the most solid friendships you can have. Whenever I have a problem she always helps out no matter what it is. Even though she speaks her mind to people and they think it's rude, she's one of the nicest people you can ever meet and I consider her as one of my best friends.

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Kamiko (Bro)
We've also known each other for some time now, He's one of the few people in the world of the interwebs I like to even bother to talk to. Our whole friendship was pretty much built on bro time whether it be killing titans or making a dictionary more obnoxious than Urban Dictionary, It doesn't get anymore manly than that because that's how Team Dai-Gurren rolls! P.S. He's also a great artist.~

Clair and I were both invited to a Gaia cosplay 'Wedding', we both agreed it was lame and we ruined it. For some odd reason that's how we became friends. SINCE NOONE ELSE IN THE GROUP ARE NARUTO FANS Clairs who I turn to get my fix of Naruto talk, which I think is great. Aside from that though, she's super nice and I'm glad we became such good friends.

All and all, i'm glad I met all of you. I literally wouldn't be who I am without you guys. Over the few years i've known you guys I feel like you guys know me better than people I've known my whole life and that feeling is awesome. Anyways Love ya guys. <3

If you ever want to play anything with me add me!
Gamertag: xRaikouShinobix
3DS FC:2578-3118-9118Brawl FC: 1032-1305-1761
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Summoner Name: Zebraika
Protagonist DNA