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Hey Hey Hey, Welcome to the cool side of the pillow~ My names Daniel, but you can call me whatever you feel like as long as I think it's cool enough. I'm 19 years old and am the proud partner of dis lady right HERE she's the cheese to my macaroni (LOOK AT THAT NOSE, YOU WISH YOU HAD THAT CUTIE NOSE)~ I'm a pretty cool person most of the time but I do get irritated at things that a lot of people do so be warned. I consider myself a gamer sort of, however the majority of my time is spent playing Arc System Fighters, Smash Bros., and MOBAS like League and SMITE, if you ever want to play me in a game message me up! If I'm not busy at work or spending time with my lady friend ill be more than glad to play!

My primary joys in life ARE: Spending time with my favorite Girlfriend, C Control, Naruto, Sonic, Persona, Drawing and Smash Bros.

The banes to my existance ARE: Swaggots, Sonic fan characters, Drugs, Cooked Carrots and Overly Ecchi anime.