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Birthday: 04/30

What I'm Wearing.



>They call me Moon, Promise, or Moon Moon; you may call me those or other things
>I like stuff
>Sometimes I write and draw
>Be my friend

People I Love!

Anonymous Benefactor (Christmas Gift) - White Neko Cosplay

Anonymous Benefactor (Christmas Gift) - Xmas 2k11 Event
Festive Spirit

Fuir Ankh - 70,000g, Sand Fluff Plushie, 10 Black Inks, 9 Yellow Inks, 7 Brown Inks, 1 Gold Ink, and an Instant Winner Ticket (1,000g)& even more stuff all the time

Yichi (GTPAY) - 75,000g

Painkillerx3 (GTPAY) - Fiery Crimson Voluptuous Wrap Dress and Black Daruma Doll

Rayniie (GTPAY) - 1 White Ink

Mouse pop-tarts (GTPAY) - 1 White Ink

Anonymous Benefactor (cough...cough...) - Kiki Kitty Plushie x3, R.I.P. something I forget the name of.