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The Name is Andrew

26 yrs. of age



Likes: Pizza, Fist fight, Professional Wrestling, Knives, Guns, Rifles, Strawberry Sundae, Swords, Smell of gasoline, Spiders, Video Games, Sunglasses, Ninjas, Pirates, Motorcycles, Cars, Computer Programming, Punks, Metal Music, Pop Culture, Rock Genre, and specially girls mrgreen

Dislikes: Ugly personality, bad attitude, boastful, Sand, mosquitoes, cockroaches, anything that is attach to dark arts, demons, ghost, work, and people who discriminates.

Feel free to roam around and listen to sound of renegades! wink

Also known as / Former Names: Dimitria Van Morgan, Chase Hannibal, Daddy Fenrir

Daddy Zico is awesome heart

Digital Art is my bae heart



Professor Fenrir

Professor Fenrir's avatar

Gender: Male

Birthday: 07/13


Hate me

Was Daddy Fenrir
Questing: Silently Live My Day

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