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Heya travelers,I'm finally gonna put down a REAL little summary of myself here.
I'm Alex,age 22 ,and I'm a major comic book geek that is also quite feminine at times (don't care whatcha think about it.) and someday wants to be a writer/archaeologist/historian and maybe a director/comic writer. I don't care much for most anime/manga and most stuff I do watch of it is usually made before 1999 and I basically don't care much for extremely mainstream stuff most of the time and can be a bit...feminine at times.
If you want to talk to me or know more, leave a message or something.

Class: Geek
Species: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (huh-durrr!)
Religious views: Christian (that's right,yeah! But I'm not forcing it on anyone.)

3DS Friend Code: 2036-7795-7478

DA: My DeviantArt account

My every-growing comic book collection

If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile. DON'T JUST IGNORE THIS because in The Bible it says if you deny Him, He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven. This is the simplest test: If you love God and you are not ashamed of it, copy this and put it in your profile. God will smile at you.

• Pi day of course is on 3/14! It is also Albert Einstein’s birthday!
• Pi is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
• With the use of computers, Pi has been calculated to over 1 trillion digits past the decimal point – wow!
• Pi is an irrational and transcendental number meaning it will continue infinitely without repeating.
• The symbol for Pi was first used in 1706 by William Jones, but was popularized by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in 1737.
• Larry Shaw created Pi Day in 1988. The holiday was first celebrated at the San Francisco Exploratorium, where Shaw worked as a physicist. The Exploratorium continues to hold Pi Day celebrations to this day!
• In 2009, The US House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.


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Emperor horus the fallen Report | 05/23/2015 9:34 am
Emperor horus the fallen
awesome doctor fate , maybe you would enjoy my doctor strange
Perikymata Report | 05/20/2015 7:23 pm
I watched Legally Blonde (because feminist side of tumblr reminded me too).
Ali Larter (Niki in Heroes) was there. God, she's so pretty. <3
I Am John Kramer Report | 05/19/2015 6:27 am
I Am John Kramer
[[Can you play ps2 games on the ps3?]]
I Am John Kramer Report | 05/18/2015 4:19 am
I Am John Kramer
[[Indeed, and I do not have a Play Station 3. I might get one in June as a gift for graduation.]]
I Am John Kramer Report | 05/17/2015 7:08 pm
I Am John Kramer
[[I've played every single one except Theives in time. Due to sucker punch selling the company and new management, it's not avaliable on ps2.]]
I Am John Kramer Report | 05/17/2015 2:07 pm
I Am John Kramer
[[Speaking of sly cooper, did you hear that next year they're doing a live action sly cooper movie with CGI effects and all that?]]
I Am John Kramer Report | 05/17/2015 1:57 pm
I Am John Kramer
[[That cane item always reminds me of Sly cooper. XD]]
Emperor horus the fallen Report | 05/17/2015 12:30 am
Emperor horus the fallen
indeed i am
loneponymcclould Report | 05/16/2015 11:23 am
hey sweetie yes i did get your message on tumblr and i think i'm following you also thank you for the gift and that b day wishs *hugs and kisses* heart heart heart
Perikymata Report | 05/12/2015 2:02 am
Yeah, sure. Same place. :)


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I cross the void beyond the mind
The empty space that circles time
I see where others stumble blind
To seek a truth they never find
Eternal wisdom is my guide
I am the Doctor. -Jon Pertwee,the Third Doctor


[[still trying to get the profile right]]

STR: 20 -6
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WIS: 20 6
CHA: 20 - 7
DEFENSE: 20 7 (DEX mod)

Weapon: Kensei Sword
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Range: 91cm (3 foot blade) Weight: 2 kg (6lbs) type: melee
size: medium special properties: ancient katana

I'm your friendly islander professor! With my young ward,Iris!

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A caricature of me!

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