»Name: Jennifer Acacia

»Gender: Female

»Relationship Status: Single

»Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

»Occupation: Pokémon Researcher

»Affiliations: World-League Research Council

»Appearance Age: Mid twenties

»Date of Birth: Feb 5

»Place of Birth: Hoenn

»Race: Human

»Weight: 220

»Height: 5'2"

»Body: Voluptuous, pear-shaped, full-figured

»Skin: Fair with a tint of blush on her cheeks

»Eye Color: Grey

»Hair Color: Dark brown with an auburn tinge when the sunlight reflects upon it.

»Hair Length: Shoulder length

»Dominant hand: right

»Facial Features: Large eyes and pouty lips

»Body Features: Several scars along the right arm and shoulder blade, shaped like a


»Character Traits:
→ Compassionate
→ Sassy
→ Optimistic
→ Clever
→ Fiesty
→ Forgiving
→ Hospitable
→ Honest


→ Food, dressing up, girly things, learning, meeting new people, watching pokemon, pokemon, elusive pokemon, EATING

→ Not taken serious or grabbed roughly, usually results in her flipping them, unnecessary violence, angry yelling and Intimidation, feeling powerless to stop something she could have.


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