Name: I'm simply known as P'g on here.

B-day: Oct. 18th, 1988

Location: Hamilton, Southern Ontario, Canada

Monday January 6th, 2014 (8:42pm):

Updates: Added an avi art an Anon gave me for Christmas, updated information on my profile.

Mood: Annoyed...no one's avatar seems to be loading properly on my computer.

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P'gs Ink Event:
Black Ink: 500/500 - COMPLETE
Black Ink 2: 180/500
Blue Ink: 419/500
Red Ink: 500/500 - COMPLETE
Red Ink2: 208/500
Yellow Ink: 10/500
Green Ink: 500/500 - COMPLETE
Green Ink2: 126/500
Purple Ink: 22/500
Pink Ink: 25/500
White Ink: 6/500
Orange Ink: 105/500

Wing Stickers:
Current Count: 142

Current Anime: One Piece, Digimon Xros Wars (Postponed), Gosick (Postponed),
Current Show: Four Rooms (CBC)
Current Book: World Without End by Ken Follet
Current Manga Series: Demon Love Spell, Afterschool Charisma, Library Wars, Crimson Empire, Alice in the Country of [...], Dawn of the Arcana, Dance in the Vampire Bund, etc...
Closest Vacation: Anime North 2014
Current School Year: GRADUATED (June 2010)
~Asian things
~ ^^;; Possibly cooking
~Making new friends
~Sports (see below)
Sports Teams:
Canadian Football League (CFL): Hamilton Tiger-cats
University Football: McMaster Marauders
International Hockey: Team Canada <3
American Hockey League (AHL): Hamilton Bulldogs
National Hockey League (NHL): Vancouver Canucks
Curling Teams: Jennifer Jones (Manitoba) and Kevin Martin (Alberta)
International ANYTHING (soccer, basketball, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, etc., etc.): Team Canada <3
Fav Anime Shows:
-> Beyblade
-> Digimon
-> Samurai 7
-> Suiri no Kizuna ~ Spiral
-> Hetalia
-> My Bride is a Mermaid (Waaaaaaaaaay better than the concept seems)
((I'm only adding my ABSOLUTE fav shows...there are lots of others that I like too...I'm just to lazy to add them all))
Fav Manga:
-> Beyblade
-> Digimon
-> Angel Sanctuary
-> Hetalia
-> Afterschool Charisma
-> Pandora Hearts
((Again, there are more...too lazy...))
Fav Characters:
~Son Goku (Saiyuki)
~Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade)
~Max Mizuhara (Beyblade)
~Johnny McGregor (Beyblade)
~Michael/Mika-chan (Angel Sanctuary)
~Kyou (Fruits Basket)
~Hige (Wolf's Rain)
~Horo Horo (Shaman King)
~Daisuke (Digimon) <3
~Taichi (Digimon) <3
~Koushirou (Digimon)
~Kousuke (Spiral) <3
~Heihachi (Samurai 7) <3
~Shinpachi Nagakura (PeaceMaker Kurogane)
~Canada/Matthew Williams (Hetalia) <3
~America/Alfred F. Jones (Hetalia) <3
->Napoleon* (ASC)
->Freud* (ASC)
((There are more of these too...just too lazy))
Boy/Girl Pairings:
DaisukexHikari (Digimon) <3
YamatoxSora (Digimon)
MiyakoxKen (Digimon)
KyouxTohru (Fruits Basket) <3
KiriexKatan (Angel Sanctuary)
ShichirojixYukino (Samurai 7)
PrussiaxHungary (Hetalia)
NapoleonxElizabeth I (ASC)
AmericaxFem!Canada (Hetalia/Genderbend)
FrancexFem!England (Hetalia/Genderbend)
KaixMax (Beyblade) <3
DaisukexTakeru (Digimon Adv 02)
AmericaxCanada (Hetalia) <3
FrancexEngland (Hetalia) <3
KaixShark (My Bride is a Mermaid)
Boy/Girl HATED pairings:
(Only the ones that I hate with a passion)
TaichixSora (Digimon)
MimixKoushirou (Digimon)
Horo HoroxTamao (Shaman King)
Horo HoroxJeanne (Shaman King)
KaixHiromi (Beyblade)
GokuxHomei (Saiyuki)
GokuxDongwa (@_@;; Can't spell her name) (Saiyuki)
HigexBlue (Wolf's Rain)
SaraxSetsuna (Angel Sanctuary)
KousukexRyoko (Spiral)
HeihachixKirara (Samurai 7) (O.O Who thought of this anyway!?)
GokuxSanzo (Saiyuki)
HoroxRen (Shaman King)
DaisukexKen (Digimon)
DaisukexWallace (Digimon)
JohnnyxRalf (Beyblade)
KaixTakao (Beyblade)
KaixRei (Beyblade)
KaixTala/Yuri (Beyblade)
KaixAnyBoyButMax (Beyblade)
MichaelxRaphael (Angel Sanctuary)
ShinpachixSanosuke (PeaceMaker Kurogane)
KyuuzoxKambei (Samurai 7)
AmericaxEngland (Hetalia)
FrancexCanada (Hetalia)
PrussiaxCanada (Hetalia) (NO historical connection WHAT.SO.EVER. ...'cept World War One...where they were ENEMIES)

Thank you Illegal Burrito!!

Thank you Anon Almiki!! (Christmas 2013)
- Vancouver Canucks Captain (awarded by Minnosotatwins)


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P'g's Canadian Sports Review

Love Canada. Love Sports.

P'g gives you all the up-to-date things on the NHL (Canada & US), AHL (Canada & US), other hockey leagues, CFL (Canadian Football League) and other sports relating to Canada.



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Report | 03/23/2014 6:14 pm


What part of Canada do you live in? If you told me before then I'm sorry that I forgot. sweatdrop Did you have fun in the snow while it was good?

I actually watched two episodes that were in the middle of one of the series and since I hadn't watched it from the beginning I got so confused. I'll take your advice and read the book first. Is it called something along the lines of "Fire and Ice"? Not the Robert Frost poem. xd
1_happy sparkle_1

Report | 03/16/2014 1:30 am

1_happy sparkle_1

Awesome! It's on my top five favorite anime.

Who? Who is this Canada?
America's my second favorite. He's awesome. My favorite is England. He's da bomb! Haha

Did you watch it in dub or sub? or say both? o.o

Report | 03/14/2014 8:31 pm


I've never seen Game of Thrones. Is it any good? I'm fine, thanks for asking! And yourself?

Report | 03/14/2014 7:10 pm


Sounds like fun... I'd rather game myself

Report | 03/14/2014 6:55 pm


Sounds good... I forgot as well my friend, so... I'm just watching Cowboy BeBop and downloading some games. What about your self?

Report | 03/08/2014 9:15 pm


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Aww... well I hope you make it
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Report | 03/08/2014 6:07 pm


redface Oh, thank you!

"Medieval fantasy"? That's an amazing compliment!
1_happy sparkle_1

Report | 03/08/2014 5:58 pm

1_happy sparkle_1

Thanks for your purchase! yum_puddi

Woo! A Hetalia fan huh? Who's your favorite character? =D

Report | 03/06/2014 9:32 pm


I think you have great fashion sense. Much better than mines. xd

Report | 03/06/2014 7:51 pm


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I wish you the best of luck my friend!
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9/10 people agree that you look smarter when I post on your thread.

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