Name: I'm simply known as P'g on here.

B-day: Oct. 18th, 1988

Location: Hamilton, Southern Ontario, Canada

Wednesday October 22nd, 2014 (1:48am)

Updates: Wow...soooooo far behind in school (in terms of reading lectures). Doesn't help that my printer ran out of ink. Oh boy...going back to school is nice though. I found out I can be exempt from some courses because I already have a University degree.

Also, I took down the most hated character/pairing stuff. It's unnecessary bulk.

Mood: a little disappointed.

Donators (Gold/Items):
~Prairiefox (bugs)
~11-Sports_Freak-20 (1,000g)
~x ninja cupcake x (Mu plushie)
~Hitsuga (bugs & ink)
~FirstandForemost (Halloween items)
~KirfizzlePop (bugs & ink)
~tigerwolfgal (bugs & ink)
~o-o rACh3l o-o (bugs, ink and can)
~TinkTheDemonic (bugs & flowers)
~Acknaught (50g, laurels, whiter traveller undershirt, black goth boots, black soft 'n' cozy coat, golden saloon boa, Carol of Ol' Ebenezer 2nd gen, tangled christmas lights)
~folket (bugs)
~sea8659 (bugs, flowers, paper)
~i i R A W r r r Z (bugs)
~Cookeh Monster Naty (bugs)
~Miss Ling (bugs)
~Iiwwi (papers, flowers, bugs)
~Ren Tao (for my layout)
~Black__Raven! (bugs!)
~xSexyPrincesx (bugs and paper)
~D-Fire (random clothing items)
~AdmiralAdamaismyanti-drug (A LOT of inks)
~bronxbigred (LOTS of PGBs)
~ANON (2 PGBs)
~SageBunny for the 5 pack grab bag
~TheMagentaRoyal! (Stellar Halo)
~Stumbled u po n (Astra: Junk Food Tumble!)
~River of No Return (Akihabara Somebody)
Gaia Astrology:
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P'gs Ink Event:
Black Ink: 500/500 - COMPLETE
Black Ink 2: 180/500
Blue Ink: 419/500
Red Ink: 500/500 - COMPLETE
Red Ink2: 208/500
Yellow Ink: 10/500
Green Ink: 500/500 - COMPLETE
Green Ink2: 126/500
Purple Ink: 22/500
Pink Ink: 25/500
White Ink: 6/500
Orange Ink: 105/500

Wing Stickers:
Current Count: TBA

Current Anime: One Piece
Current Show: The Walking Dead (VERY SLOWLY!!)
Current Book: 22/11/63 by Stephen King
Current Manga Series: Afterschool Charisma, Library Wars, Dawn of the Arcana, Midnight Secretary, Happy Marriage, Attack on Titan, Pandora Hearts
Closest Vacation: Anime North 2015
Current School Year: College (1), University (completed Hon. BA)
*NEW* Current Obsession: The arts (including Ghost walks!)
~Asian things
~ ^^;; Possibly cooking
~Making new friends
~Sports (see below)
Sports Teams:
Canadian Football League (CFL): Hamilton Tiger-cats
University Football: McMaster Marauders
International Hockey: Team Canada <3
American Hockey League (AHL): Hamilton Bulldogs
National Hockey League (NHL): Vancouver Canucks
Curling Teams: Jennifer Jones (Manitoba) and Kevin Martin (Alberta)
International ANYTHING (soccer, basketball, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, etc., etc.): Team Canada <3
Fav Anime Shows:
-> Beyblade
-> Digimon
-> Samurai 7
-> Suiri no Kizuna ~ Spiral
-> Hetalia
-> My Bride is a Mermaid (Waaaaaaaaaay better than the concept seems)
((I'm only adding my ABSOLUTE fav shows...there are lots of others that I like too...I'm just to lazy to add them all))
Fav Manga:
-> Beyblade
-> Digimon
-> Angel Sanctuary
-> Hetalia
-> Afterschool Charisma
-> Pandora Hearts
((Again, there are more...too lazy...))
Fav Characters:
~Son Goku (Saiyuki)
~Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade)
~Max Mizuhara (Beyblade)
~Johnny McGregor (Beyblade)
~Daisuke (Digimon)
~Taichi (Digimon)
~Koushirou (Digimon)
~Kousuke (Spiral)
~Heihachi (Samurai 7)
~Canada/Matthew Williams (Hetalia) <3
~America/Alfred F. Jones (Hetalia) <3
->Napoleon* (ASC)
->Freud* (ASC)
((There are more of these too...just too lazy))
Boy/Girl Pairings:
DaisukexHikari (Digimon) <3
YamatoxSora (Digimon)
MiyakoxKen (Digimon)
KyouxTohru (Fruits Basket)
KiriexKatan (Angel Sanctuary)
ShichirojixYukino (Samurai 7)
PrussiaxHungary (Hetalia)
KousukexHiyono (Spiral)
AyumuxHiyono (Spiral)
NapoleonxElizabeth I (ASC)
AmericaxFem!Canada (Hetalia/Genderbend)
FrancexFem!England (Hetalia/Genderbend)
KaixMax (Beyblade) <3
DaisukexTakeru (Digimon Adv 02)
AmericaxCanada (Hetalia) <3
FrancexEngland (Hetalia)
KaixShark (My Bride is a Mermaid)
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Thank you Illegal Burrito!!

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Thank you Anon Almiki!! (Christmas 2013)

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Thank you X_of_Pentacles (Easter 2014)
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P'g's Canadian Sports Review

Love Canada. Love Sports.

P'g gives you all the up-to-date things on the NHL (Canada & US), AHL (Canada & US), other hockey leagues, CFL (Canadian Football League) and other sports relating to Canada.



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Report | 07/08/2017 9:24 am


awwww my friend I just saw your status what happen?
Hope everything will be better for you.

Report | 01/10/2016 11:41 am


Arigato for the purchase! (See my store for more!) ^-^ <3
Misuki Marishima

Report | 01/07/2016 6:32 pm

Misuki Marishima

How's my favorite Canadian? biggrin

Report | 09/03/2014 10:56 am


User Image

I have yet to see what it is... hope it's worth something.
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Report | 09/02/2014 8:58 pm


User Image

Either way you look at it... they are trying to squeeze the gold out of us.
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Report | 09/02/2014 6:07 pm


User Image

It seems unlikely and another... we haven't recovered from the last event even.
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Report | 09/02/2014 5:04 pm


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Waiting is never any Gaian's strong point, but we will know eventually.
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Report | 09/01/2014 5:21 pm


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I wouldn't believe everything Gaia says... recall the constant messages our inboxes about GC and when it was reported as spam, we were
told it wasn't... I'm sure old accounts do more then take up band with... user names as well. I dress my mules up... so it's kinda hard to see
that it's really costing them, Ultima Stocking being mine... I've put a fair amount of money and gold into her. As for the items the Tanuki are
getting... I'm sure it'll be something great eventually, hope it's not like the Overseer Skin... just terrible... until it was fixed.
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Report | 09/01/2014 3:36 pm


User Image

Considering you have six months... to use said account, before it's locked and I'm aware... it just doesn't put any money into Gaia's hands.
The items are given away and all that, however... it doesn't increase anything but the gold sinks. Those happen so often... that the gold
generators are pumped out and cause inflation, so making a mule for oh lets say the events like Caroling, Trick Or Treating where the
number of items granted are limited... we gaian's have to make gold to deal with inflation that Gaia caused. Allowing us to make a little extra
down the road... and the money some of us put into this site, they can afford our mules. I mean they limit the number of grants... and don't
expect us to find ways around it, I remember caroling to get five... six sets of everything.
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Report | 08/31/2014 6:36 pm


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I doubt that's the reason they fling cash items at us, not to mention all the old accounts... banned, hacked and forgotten.
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