My name is Private First Class Jenette Vasquez and im a colonial marine and a PFC and smart gun operator in the United States Colonial Marine Corp. In 2179 she was a part of the platoon of marines dispatched aboard the USS Sulaco on a rescue mission to the Weyland-Yutani owned terraforming colony, "Hadley's Hope" on Acheron LV-426. Vasquez was good friends with fellow smart gunner Mark Drake. Ricco Frost, Tim Crowe, Trevor Wierzbowski and Mark Drake died and the Xenomorphs captured Al Apone and Cynthia Dietrich and then when we tried to leave Colette Ferro and Daniel Spunkmeyer got attacked by an xenomorph leaving me William Hudson and Carter J. Burke and William Gorman and Dwayne Hicks and Rebecca Jorden and Ellen Ripley and Lance Bishop and Hudson was taken out by the Xenomorphs so was the Traitor Burke and me and Gorman went out with a Bang