Call me_____, I am as old as I am an you shall not know till you know me well enough.Now then I am Taken an Do not Date Online i am Perfectly Happy with my Relationship. I love animals an to hang out with my friends but i am not always online so just leave me a message if it is Urgent if not then it can wait. I do enjoy making money and rping i am not yet to familiar with Forms because i have been busy with my Problems in real life. I do know the different types of rping. The things i find most beautiful are those which are damaged, but have somehow survived, and become stronger because of it. I hope you have a good day.
gaia_smilies/icon_angelicwing_left.gif Ciao gaia_smilies/icon_nitemarewing_right.gif
(and Yes tis the way i do talk)


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Katsu Kitsune

Report | 01/11/2013 11:43 am

Katsu Kitsune

hi maggy biggrin hows life <3 *hugs*
B a n i r a b u

Report | 11/03/2012 8:24 pm

B a n i r a b u

Hello! I came across your profile
Because we have a mutual friend
And I just wanted to say that I love your avatar!

Report | 06/24/2012 5:25 pm


Hello random person. ;D
dirty icicles

Report | 06/14/2012 4:54 pm

dirty icicles

'Ello there smashing stranger. c:
I was wondering if I may have the name of your coat. heart
And also, I like your profile. xD Very easy on the eyes, mmyes.
And that is all! Sorry for being a creeper. 8D;

Report | 06/14/2012 4:31 pm


Twick Twacks

Report | 05/19/2012 6:00 pm

Twick Twacks

cool avi

Report | 04/22/2012 3:37 pm


omg ; A;
wtf were the stupid doctors thinking :/
I would shoot them is the bloody face >:U

Report | 04/22/2012 2:17 pm


I've been alright :/
It seems a lot of people have been down lately sad

Report | 04/22/2012 9:30 am


Hun are you ok?
I saw your status this morning ; - ;
Le Abaddon

Report | 04/20/2012 5:11 pm

Le Abaddon

Look im on your profile!


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Caused by Temptation.
A guy sticks his Location
In a girl's Destination
To increase the Population
Of the next Generation
Do you get my Explanation?
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