♕Ayyy Lmao.

↳the name is kai
i'm 4
& i'm a motherflooping prince.

↳i'm very rough around the edges
& i'm known to be somewhat arrogant
yet charming.
but i like to be as positive as i can be
cause i know life is mostly sometimes bullshit.

↳i love being alive
& appreciate every second of it.
junior mints, bunny rabbits, & cold winter days
make it all worth while.

↳spiders, thunderstorms,
& sunburns make me wanna cry.

↳heavily addicted to studio ghibli,
kingdom hearts & most anime.
basically weeaboo trash.

↳forever questing all of the beyond items
help me pls

↳avi art cred to:

#Hmu ♕