My name is Lisa. I'm British. I like tea. A lot. People seem to think I'm rad, but they're just great liars.
My BFFs on Gaia are Jay, Mels, Fritz, and Graham. I'm not going to give you their usernames because they're all mine. I don't share well.
The first two and I are brain triplets. Fritz is one of the most amazing people I've ever had the pleasure to know. He can be a t**t at times, but hey. He puts up with me, so kudos to him [Ah'lu'u'a'e]. The last guy, just... ugh. He makes smiling worth it. One of the very few people that cheer me up instantly without having to do anything in order to. Sometimes he calls me Lis' and it gives me tummy tinglies. I'm a little bit pathetic.

My favourite animal is an octopus. But only if they're not real. Real octopi are kinda weird and make me feel queasy. They're adorable otherwise, though.

Sometimes I snort laugh.

I do avatar art for terribly extortionate prices. It kills my wrist because I do it on MS Paint with a mouse. It's crap anyway.

Running ducks make me smile.

My favourite Gaia NPCs are Nicolae, Cresento, Edmund, Sam, Louie and The Sentinel.

I always want s**t from my wishlist. I'm quite OCD about getting it, really.

I'm a wimp. More so than Jay. I just suck it up more than he does. Srsly.
Unless, of course it's when I'm watching a scary movie, then I'm a big girl's blouse. The scariest film I'll ever willingly watch is Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh yeah.
I have a huge selection of films that I love, anything with Tom Hanks or Bruce Willis, Labyrinth, PotC, The Emperor's New Groove, The Road To El Dorado or most anything Disney are top on my list of favourites.

Luigi > Mario.

I like to call people by their actual names, not their usernames. And I like to know everything possible about my friends, so sorry if I pester you.

I come across as a b***h, but I'm really not, apologies in advance if I offend or upset you. I have an odd sense of humour and I'm often sarcastic.

I hate purple.

I'm single, but I kinda have my eye on someone. No, I won't tell you who. Sorry. I don't know if he wants me as much as I want him, but I'm patient and I've promised never to leave him, so unless you're willing to wait 659046809 years, move on from me. When I fall for someone. I fall hard. Besides. It's probably for the best. I'm nothing special. <3

Inside jokes make me grin like a dork.

Bad spelling and punctuation really grates on me, so if you tlk liek dis, oR LiKe ThIs, don't bother messaging me, please. You'll just make my skin crawl.
I don't accept random friends requests, either, so don't waste your time.

I suck my thumb sometimes.

I have some handbags shaped like watering cans, loud, obnixious singing makes me feel happy if my BFFs are away, I think steampunk subculture is beautiful, I like bands you've likely never heard of. I'm childish and immature, I am fascinated by things I don't understand and am compelled to know more about them until I do, and I have a secret handshake. No. I won't teach you it.

Dlulululuew~ <3


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LOL! I LOVE YOUR NAME! How're you random, yet amazingly named person heart
Main Page Nitemare Headba

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Main Page Nitemare Headba

Cool human Ariel avi.
Mint Teeas

Report | 06/20/2014 8:02 am

Mint Teeas

I see you frequent my page? whee Hello!

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Dnt strt wit me m8, il wr3k ur s**t.
liek dat moos. in dat wun drem
fok u m8.
i swer.

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I love you. You silly b***h.

Report | 01/31/2014 2:11 am


Don't think I forgot about your day. wink I didn't know if you have your own way to communicate so I thought I'd leave something here for you. *kisses the top of your head and wraps a warm cozy blanket around you* Enjoy your day Lovely.

Report | 12/30/2013 1:23 am


And thank you so much for all your efforts you went thru to help me get this Scythe. *warm bundled hugs* 3nodding

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I haven't visited here in a loooong time. I was feeling nostalgic. Your avi and profile page takes me back to some very active happy times. =) Please be safe and warm.

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cool avi

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cool avi.


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