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Questing Inari's beads
would appreciate kindly donators or help to get it

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Thanks Donators: Sushi and Nekojiri
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Sace the 2nd Report | 02/03/2013 1:15 pm
Hello. It's me Sace! Ten's brother. Both of us are well in age. Nice to see your last long in was not so long ago.
Kenasai Kunomi Report | 04/25/2010 9:38 pm
good evening. . . . . . my name is kenasai kunomi. . . . . . . . but you can call me kenasai. . . . . . i am a member of bleach celestial darkness. . . . . . . but i also have a guild. . . . . . . . . .so i was just wondering. . . . . . . . .in a state of emergency. . . . . . .can "squad 1 - 13" count on your support? . . .for example. . . . . if a strong enemy comes along and we need help of another guild to beat him because he has a guild filled with minions. . . . . . .would you help?. . . . . . . you don't need to say yes. . . . . . .i was just curious. . . . . . . . . . .thank you for your time. . . . . .
Apple Kim-Chi Report | 02/27/2010 8:53 pm
Sorry to bother you but, I am one of the newer people in the Bleach : Celestial Darkness guild.
I still need a squad to be in.
I am not really sure what to do since I am a Captain in another guild but am new in this certain guild.
It would be really kind of you to help me.
iiLunar Wolf Report | 02/26/2010 9:33 pm
Excuse guild captain. Im one of the arrancar and I had a question about hueco mundo. Im the primera and tercera in my other guilds and my job is to create RPs and expand.Is it ok if I post more areas in hueco mundo?
--R31gn-of-Ph3r-- Report | 01/10/2010 9:56 am
Happy b-day dani ^_^
Manda Pandie Report | 12/09/2008 11:19 am
heya girlie!

how are you?

it feels like forever since we have last talked!

[WolfVs.Wolf] Report | 07/17/2008 5:29 pm
Um Ello! I have a trade up for one oof teh Lottos in G&G and was wondering if ya wanted to plz complete it? I sent it to the mule but it's been a few days and no response. ALSO, I sent both U and teh mule for G&G friends requests. Can ya get to those also plz?


xX-Azure Nightmare-Xx Report | 07/10/2008 9:59 am
thnks uz for letting me join ur guild
Viktor_Onagi Report | 07/02/2008 7:58 pm
are you kelsy?
scar23--Ichigo23 Report | 03/16/2008 12:07 pm
princess add me i cant find your add me thing

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I love to Rp.
Quote given to me by a teacher based on personality:
"Smile, For life holds a lot of treasures, and most are right within you."

me and my bf:
I saw a man standign there
he was tall with shiny, brown hair
It was wavy, amazing and a little long
but it made no difference to me.

His heart was made of gold
More gold than queen elizabeth had
his caring never hended for all his family, and all his friends

He didnt' believe in populars
He didn't really care
He hated people like that
who were cocky, idiotic, and mean

He'd rather have a few friends
who are great and always true
isntead of a great larg group
who in the end just backstab you

I was blessed to be one of them
That turned out to be his friend
and it turned out in the end
we were boyfriend and girlfriend

It lasted for a while
And I truely was in love

But as time went on
It became to fade
That longing love
was flying away

Two different schools
Split us apart

We're still bests friends though
But my hearts still burns
with that icy fire that yearns for the love
it burns for that hand to hold

That gentle hold in his arms
Making all hurricanes just calm storms
That lovely kiss
By the one I still love

Someday, somewhere
I hope it will come soon
That amazing one time love
That I had with that guy too

They say there are many fish in the sea
But I can't seem to find one like that again
He was kind, amazing, and loving,
And I loved him so

I wish he would see it
And return into my home
The home in my heart
That still burns with the pain caused by love

It's a tragic pain they say
In this never ending game
It is like a ticking clock.
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

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