Well, my name is Princess Zelda. Been a member since August 2, 2007! I'm usually shy when meeting new people and mostly quiet. I am a Christian who believes in God and proud of it. Christianity is NOT a religion, it's a real relationship with the REAL, TRUE and LIVING God! Religion is man centered, Jesus is God centered! I DO NOT accept random friend requests! I like some anime. I also like video games. In real life, I'm one of those mildly autistic people. Sometimes I can't help being who I am, so please, DO NOT make fun of people with such disabilities! It's seriously rude and wrong! It's true, and I'm not afraid to admit it. If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask. I'll answer as best I can. There's not much else to say, so that's pretty much it.

Name: Sara Albion
Age: 17
Likes: Training with the knights of Theira, going on adventures with her friends, fighting monsters
Dislikes: Being insulted, easily manipulated
Owner: Princess Zelda21
Adopt one too


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Report | 03/04/2015 11:43 pm

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That's fine, have fun xD
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Report | 03/04/2015 11:35 pm

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Hopefully the thread start is suitable? I posted.
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Report | 03/04/2015 11:22 pm

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*claps hands together* now to make a title xD and put things into motion. give me minute lol
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Report | 03/04/2015 11:03 pm

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Just to make sure, would that be in the "Mage Tower" section of the guild?
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:57 pm

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Mmm not particularly, I would just have figure out Skree's reasoning for being in Hyrule.
If anything, the easiest and maybe laziest explanation would be a portal summoning mis-communication.
Being among other pointy eared people (her current summoner is an elf) would probably make Skree feel like
they're just in the wrong country rather than world entirely. Are you familiar with my Skree at all? If not here is an example.
And here is one, with other outfit options.
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:47 pm

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So then, shall we say, just dump them into a thread, let them do their own thing (because o.cs are gonna do that anyways, especially Skree xD)
and work them up to meeting? What universe would it be in?
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:40 pm

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Would it be an already plotted RP or a sort of "wing it" one?
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:36 pm

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I'm not particularly familiar with the RP forums on here unless you're maybe referring to the guild?
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:31 pm

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If Skree can help, how would you prefer to introduce them? Comment RP or Message RP ?
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Report | 03/04/2015 10:01 pm

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The only thing I may be able to do to help, personality wise, is probably introduce her to Skree.
Skree is also a demon, but in Skree's universe they are summon creature, a beast summon type if you will for Skree is a cat demon.
I'm not very experienced with Skree, simply for the fact the little cutie is genderfluid and goes by they/them pronouns (which makes me
have to adjust my sentences a bit xD )

As for art, you could try posting a request in the freebies section. I would offer to draw your o.c, but I have a little bit on my plate right at the moment,
I'm questing Tower Haunt and in return for any donations I'm offering art and I have a couple pieces I'm working on. When things settle a little I can do

Another suggestion, try finding some music you feel may fit them.


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