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The loveable dictator...

Yo! Volt here! Princess of the Cloud Kingdom and future ruler of Gaia! force if necessary...

(What? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Anyway, if you wanna read up on me and my exploits, check out my guild. Failure to do so will result in ruthless zapping! Or, I suppose I could just tell you a bit about myself in a nutshell here...

Likes and Dislikes:

Pocky, being lazy, getting my way, my teacup t-rex Bitey
Being teased, tail pulling, people circumventing my will
Anons and my friends in the world of Gaia
---Don't let it go to your head...

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About yours truly

Hey everyone, in all seriousness, welcome. Volt is a character of mine, as well as my avatar, though I don't post as her all the time. When I do I type in quotations, just in case you find me in the forums you can tell the difference. I'm in my 20's and I love to draw and roleplay. Someday I hope to become a famous artist, writer, or something cool like that. I'm not the type to accept random friend requests, so sorry if I turn ya down. More than likely it means we haven't really gotten a chance to talk to one another. Happy trails~


Come Again

Thanks for
stopping by! ~



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Vox_Draconis Report | 09/08/2016 2:42 am
you're welcome -hugs-
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 08/15/2016 2:52 pm
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
Hey volty! >w<

What were the items of the avi in your HV sig? I remembered two, but I can't remember the others..
What are they called again? I can't access avatar builder :/
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 08/08/2016 7:30 pm
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
What was the name of the items of the hair and tail on your avi again..? I forgot sweatdrop
Vox_Draconis Report | 07/29/2016 12:27 pm
Lol so my character outted himself in the game already xp
Vox_Draconis Report | 07/14/2016 9:54 am
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 07/02/2016 12:34 pm
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
Volty owo how's life?
sha312 Report | 05/14/2016 11:38 am
Hope you're doing well Volty! emotion_hug
Blue Mist Report | 05/02/2016 12:57 am
Blue Mist
Hope you're doing well.
Vox_Draconis Report | 03/27/2016 5:56 am
Not heard from you for a while, is everything okay?
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi Report | 03/19/2016 10:32 pm
Reiko Iwamaru Lutfi
Volty! I've been so busy/overwhelmed with life that I forgot to speak up earlier.

My main, Reiko Iwamaru, got permanently banned. I got framed for a huge harassment case that was widescale over multiple accounts from an ex-friend bullying an ex-friend without my knowledge until March 7 (the day I was banned) when they messaged me and everything came to light from that one text message. I was so appalled that I cut them off (hence calling them ex-friend now) because in their course, they NAMED me as a reason why they were harassing so-and-so

Plus, that friend did a REALLY good job of making it look like I owned multiple accounts and used them to harass an ex-friend..which I haven't had contact with since April of 2014..or 2015. I forgot the year XP But yeah they did a really good job of pinning their dirty work on me, and Gaia took it. They really do think that I did it, no matter how much I contest. I can't get Reiko Iwamaru back..

I'm on the recovery road, and I tried adding you but your friend requests are off ^ ^; add me?