~Name: Lady Victoria Elisabetha Dark

~Age: Appears to be the age of twenty one, her true age is 683. (Born in 1347)
~Birthday: What is now June 21st.

~Race: ‘Vampire’. Explained in the history section.

~Family: Victoria is part of a very large family that spread throughout Europe, made up of both humans and vampires alike. ¾ of her family was wiped from the surface by the Bubonic Plague.

~Father- Victor Dark, a scientist of the Vampiric Empire. He is from France along the coast of the English Channel.

~Mother- Maria Dark, a scientist of the Vampiric Empire. She is from Romania, and fled to France.

~Siblings- her only surviving brother is Lucian Dark, who ran away when she was five. Originally there had been eight children, her other six older siblings were stillborn or had been killed.
~Lucian- He loves his sister with all of his heart. He was always curious as to what his parents did, he was never explained much of what was truly going on. When his sister turned five, he discovered the horror of what his parents were doing and quickly fled, alerting Walter Conrad of what had been happening and what his sister had been changed into at such a young age. Walter immediately demanded their arrest, and Lucian was kept in hiding in the Imperial city located in present day Cologne, Germany until he turned eighteen, the age he was given new life as a vampire.

~Uncles and Aunts: Unknown.

~Grandparents: Unknown

~Cousins: The only known cousins to her were Mircea, Vlad the second, and Radu. Vlad the first, their father, inherited the title of Dracul, and his son Vlad was the only one to carry on the name as ‘Dracula’, and was also known as Tepes. When the family was discovered, Victoria was taken to stay with them and stayed with the family until Vlad and Radu were sent away in 1442 to Turkey. Victoria was invisible to the family after that, and fled when she watched Vlad the First be assassinated in his home.

~Servants/Chevaliers: Though not containing her blood, her only known chevalier was Logan Du Mortis. He was presented to Victoria as an infant as a gift to her, to protect her always. Logan has played key in Victoria’s safety and comfort.

~~~Marquis Gyula Aladric- this is the one man who Victoria truly and deeply loved, from the moment she had met him. Gyula was born to a hunter and a peasant woman, and was orphaned when his father was killed in a hunt, and his mother died later on of an unknown disease. He was savagely beaten and was at the point of death, was found by a woman vampire (named Anna Ambrosia) who turned him that night and kept him hidden in her city, what is known as Ambrosia. He was raised to become a nobleman and one day rule over Ambrosia, but that day came too soon, for Anna was murdered in cold blood in the mansion. After a course of several months, the two fell in love and were wed; their love and lasting peace lasted for several centuries. However, as the times changed, so did they.

~Walter Conrad- the Lord Emperor of the Vampiric Empire. Was borne on 0 A.D. in Rome, the day after the prophet Jesus Christ had been crucified to a poor family. He grew up and was murdered at the age of twenty, yet rescued by a noble vampire who had taken pity on the boy. The vampire is unknown to him.

~Adrian Conrad- the son of Walter Conrad. The prince of the Vampiric Empire and the only heir for his mother died in childbirth. He grew up spoiled and selfish, and only cared of his looks. As a young teenager, he had become a flirtatious nobleman who had no cares in the world. After meeting Victoria, he became stricken in love and sought to have her as his bride. She declined, seeing him only as a friend.

~Anna Ambrosia- the original ruler of Ambrosia, this was Gyula’s master. She raised him to be a proper gentleman and explained one day she would give him the city- but not until it was finished. She was born in the same town as Victoria around nine years before her birth, and she grew up as a childhood sweetheart to Lucian Dark. It is said to believe, when she would leave Gyula alone to study, she would make her way to Cologne to be with Lucian- rumors spread of them having become lovers and were planning to wed. Anna was murdered in her own home while Gyula was away.

~Emilia VanCrosse- Gyula’s first fledgling. She was brought to Ambrosia to serve as Gyula’s servant, and had hopelessly fallen in love with him. She caught him one night when he needed to feed and offered herself to him, Gyula regrettably took her blood- and gave her new life. Emilia is a very jealous woman and became very enraged when she was cast away from Gyula’s home before Victoria had ever made her appearance into society. Learning of their marriage, Emilia became overly enraged and appeared at the wedding in an attempt to murder Victoria. She was caught by one of Walter’s guards, and was sentenced to execution by Sunlight the next day.

Victoria was born in 1347; one year after the bubonic plague had set foot in Western Europe. At the age of two, she had grown very sick, and her parents- both vampires, watched as their mortal daughter quickly and painfully passed away. As scientists, they were asked by the Lord Emperor, Walter Conrad, to begin to develop a cure for the plague. The plague had begun to spread through the vampires, killing them rapidly. Victoria finally died in December of that same year. Heartbroken, they quickly turned their daughter and rejoiced she had awoken at all later that night. Thought as a miracle, Victor and Maria took their daughter down to the labs under their home, and began to experiment on her. Victoria was quarantined except for a brief time of the day she was allowed to play with her older brother Lucian, who immediately loved her when he saw his sister smile for the first time as an infant. They were always watched over by Victoria’s chevalier, Logan, while their parents remained in the basement preparing for each night. Each day, Victoria would grow weaker, and her brother never understood why. Five years had passed, Victoria was eventually quarantined from her brother and was only allowed to be seen by Logan, Victor, and Maria, and on her official eighth birthday, Lucian broke in to his parents lab late at night. He saw that his sister was covered in bandages, what was not covered in bandages was either ripped away or covered in dirt and blood, her hair was matted down or ripped away from her head. Her parents were injecting fluids and symbols into her body, and Victoria was being sewn back together with different pieces of skin, piles of bodies rested in the corner of the room, slowly decaying away. Lucian fled that night into the darkness, and was never seen again.
Just as Victor and Maria were finishing up their work on Victoria, the plague had ended. Maria had become depressed and heartbroken, so her work on Victoria was put aside to grieve over her son. Victor had become crazed in working on his remaining heir, the loss of his son snapped in his brain to make sure his daughter could never be killed. Another five years passed, and when Victoria was ten years old she relied on Logan who comforted her each night she fell asleep crying. In October of 1357, Logan awoke the sleeping ten year old vampire and told her to be quiet. He snuck from her room into the corridors outside of her room, screams were heard. Victoria ran out into the corridor and towards the great hall of their home to watch as her parents were slaughtered, the doors broken down and the scent of mortal blood filled the air. Logan fought on the bottom floor, and Victoria snapped at that point. Her eyes had grown black, and she cried out in pain and horror as two wings extended from her back…
Waking up again, Victoria was in a tiny room. Logan sat at her bedside, making sure she had been alright. “Your parents… Victoria, I’m so sorry…” Logan whispered. Victoria learned her parents had been killed, and her home burned down, believing that she and Logan died along with them. It was in the news that Walter had asked for Victor and Maria to be captured and brought in for questioning, their daughter to be immediately killed. ‘One is not to turn someone so young’. The number two rule of being a vampire. The first is to never let others know.
In the next couple centuries, things had begun to change. Within not even a century later, Logan had discovered remaining members of the Dark family (from Maria’s side) and quickly brought Victoria to the Carpathian mountains in Romania. She lived with her cousins and aunt and uncle from 1431 to 1442, when Vlad and Radu were both sent away. From Romania, Victoria was sent back to southern France to live under the protection of Logan. At this time, Victoria had taken the form of a twenty one year old woman, and remained that way as much as she pleased.
While Victoria was away, Logan spent time and money recreating her old homestead, and had lettered to Walter of her survival. Fearful, Walter was to meet Victoria himself, and to travel with him was his only heir, Adrian Conrad. When she was finally sent back in 1442, Walter arrived the next day to see the young woman before him. He was filled with relief and allowed her to live, while Adrian had become smitten by her immediately by her beauty. Adrian had asked her repeatedly to be his bride, and each time she refused his offer and lived in her homestead. In 1513, Victoria had grown in power and popularity. She earned the title her mother had once received and became ‘Lady Victoria Dark’, and was given the fortune her parents had locked away in a hidden bank in the countryside of England. With this, Victoria quickly became one of the wealthiest vampires in the Vampiric Empire, and was introduced to others as an heiress in the empire. It was in 1515 that Victoria was asked by a young Marquis in the growing city of Ambrosia, Hungary, for assistance. Victoria had become rather intelligent over the years, and as an offering of peace to Walter had begun to work on a barrier that would allow vampires to work in the daylight. The Marquis had heard of this and asked her appearance for permission, and this is when her life took another change.
Traveling into Ambrosia, it was nothing Victoria had ever seen before. The city was lit and well managed, truly a beautiful gem in the Vampiric Empire. She was led to a large mansion where a young, handsome man stood outside the mansion to welcome her. This was the Marquis, Gyula Aladric. He smiled to her, and Victoria fell completely. Logan noticed it and only managed to laugh softly, carrying her luggage in. Over the course of a few months, Victoria remained in Ambrosia with Gyula, being shown around the city. The two were seen as inseparable by his people, to see their Marquis finally happy was a very wonderful occasion for the city. Finally, after several months, Gyula proposed to Victoria, who happily said yes to him. The two were wed on a hill overlooking the city at the end of 1516, and their wedding was rejoiced throughout the Vampiric Empire. Walter had shown up- his son Adrian was nowhere to be found for the occasion. Two weeks later, it had been discovered that he had thrown himself over a cliff overlooking the English Channel, a mile north of where Victoria’s home once stood.
From 1516 until 1950, Victoria lived with her mate in his home in Ambrosia, sending Logan back to her home to keep it clean and rule for her while she was away. As times and fashions changed, the two kept their city well kept, using her home in France as a summer home. However, it was not the life she had expected. Though their love was lasting through, problems began to slip between the two. Gyula and Victoria had tried for a child, to the dismay of finding out Victoria had become infertile as a child when her parents had experimented on her. She kept the experiments a secret until 1925, when she finally told her mate what had happened, feeling confident in his love for her. After telling him, Gyula distanced himself, seeming to have become disgusted with her and enveloped in his work. In 1950, Victoria and Gyula had gotten into a very heated fight, ending in him screaming to her he had never truly loved her. Broken hearted, Victoria gave him his ring back and fled back to her home in France, where she locked herself away. She has been missing from society ever since, her estate falling to rot.

~Height: 5’9”
~Hair: Long, Silvery white curls
~Eyes: her mortal eye color was blue, her vampire eye color is pink/red.
~Body: Beautiful beyond compare, slim and hourglass curves. High cheekbones and ivory pale skin.

Alter: Only once has she ever used her alter appearance- or her ‘True Form’. This form, her skin changes to as white as her hair. Horns extend from her head and two massive black skeletal wings will rip from her back, the blood is used and flows across her body into her right hand as a weapon. The weapon can take shape, from a spear to a sword to a scythe.

~Singing- her hauntingly beautiful voice is used to paralyze and put her ~prey/enemies to sleep.
Black Magic- being an experiment to her parents, she is able to control the darker magic, the power over the dead and the infernal flames of fire.
~Abilities- she is very strong and can easily pick up a massive heavy object with the lift of one hand. She is able to withstand swords, daggers, poison, and was made to overcome anything- both as a mortal and a vampire. She can walk into sunlight and is immune to anything a vampire is not.

Weaknesses: Victoria’s only weaknesses are when she is in her alter form, she can be killed very easily by stabbing her through the heart or the decapitation. The only other way she can be killed is by a broken heart, which almost happened when she was to leave her ex mate.


Here in the darkness
I know myself

Kira Inferno
Princess Victoria Dark

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