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I'm 22 years old (DOB: 8/3/91)
---> 3DS FRIEND CODE: 1693-1022-2204 <--
And I am Peacful Pikachu on PSN
** Living in NYS
**Single, but not looking.
** I am bipolar and I snap sometimes, don't take it too personal. Sometimes I need my space when I get in my moods. They pass quickly so don't worry.
**Don't let my join date fool you I have been here since 2006. I'm tattooed, I love animals- I own a bunch (Kitties make me SQUEE!) Bears of any kind are my favorite animal though.
** I favor the color lime green & orange.
**I enjoy reading. When i was little I'd go to the public library every weekend, sometimes more . I love to paint. I also love cute things in general.
**I'm Pokemon obsessed. Other shows that I love are Breaking Bad,The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Bates Motel. Hellsing, Sailormoon, Fruits Baskets, Soul Eater as well as Dragon Ball are also on the list of favorites.
** Ask me things to know more about me. Sometimes I am not in the mood to talk, if I "ignore" you do not take it personally and I will get back to you when I'm feeling up for a chat again.
"This song is ending, but the story never ends." <3


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